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The following is a translation of an article written by a regular contributor, César du Bar de la Marine, that appeared in the PACA (Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur) myosotis blog on Novembre 17th.


Dear Brethren,


We observe our 3 Grand Masters FS, JCF et CC (François Stifani, Jean-Charles Foellner & Claude Charbonniaud) undertake numerous return flights towards certain West African countries, even at this very moment.


Not long ago we learned of the existence of this little VIDEO where we can witness the ultra rapid progression from initiation to installation by our 3 dignitaries of the new Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Gabon. By digging HERE and THERE we learn a little more about the real brotherly behaviour of the heads of these African states who are also Grand Masters.


Following a statement by a French lawyer, Maître (the title accorded to lawyers in the land of the Frog) Olivier Pardo, speaking for these same heads of state convicted by the ultimate court of appeal in France, we discover that he is also the lawyer of our “spiritual guide, François Stifani. It’s a small world !!


We learn even more in a PRESS ARTICLE FROM SENEGAL accompanying the little video with commentary on certain of these west African countries that our 3 Grand Masters visit so frequently.


Now, by the luck of discoveries in Marseilles, we find that these links concern not only the west, but also the eastern horn of Africa.


We had heard that JCF had numerous links with Djibouti and we thought that was strictly personal (his wife is from that country). But there’s more. We discover that our spiritual guide also enjoys close ties with that country. He is the Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles !!


As so far as we know, Mr Stifani’s chosen profession (lawyer) is more closely linked to tax and real estate matters than those of maritime affairs, traditionally required for the function of consul. As well, his usual place of abode is closer to Cannes than Marseilles and fex cargo or container vessels make stopovers in the port of Cannes.


So, the BB gathered at the Bar de la Marine, not finding any obvious professional ties that could explain such a nomination by a foreign country, wondered if there were not other reasons. They consulted the Notice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairsrelative to Honorary Consuls in France. It is mainly concerned with questions of privileges and immunity, but they are relatively limited.


However, BB in the marine profession or travellers coming to quench their thirst at the Bar de la Marine informed us that the office of Honorary Consul for certain African countries ensured close relations with the Administrations of said countries and that it is not uncommon that such privileged relations, no matter what their origin, often result in the attribution of a diplomatic passport or a passport of function, both of which guarantee a real immunity.


In a far more general manner the article “Words from the opposition” of June 6th 2003 describes the case of Djibouti and details the distribution of diplomatic passports in this country at a recent moment.


Their multiple trips and closeness to African leaders beg the question; does our spiritual guide or other of our dignitaries benefit from such practices coming from African countries ? But will we get a reply ?????

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