The African Connection – Act II

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BB who follow events on LML in English will have had a first look at the connections between the GLNF and the heads of state of a number of African countries. It is interesting to note that in a number of cases these same heads of state (who just happen to occupy their posts on a permanent, meaning lifetime, basis, having taken office upon the death of their father ) are also Grand Masters of the Grand Lodge of their country, generally a lifetime appointment, generally having taken office upon the death of their father. No, I’m not repeating myself; I’m merely trying to make a distinction between the office of head of state and that of Grand Master of a Lodge. The whole scene smacks of dynastic dictatorship. And our spiritual guide and Honorary Consul of Djibouti in Marseilles is right in there enjoying the fringe benefits of high office.


Last Thursday, December 16th in its public affairs programme, “Infrarouge” the French national television channel FR2 showed an edifying 80 minute documentary “Françafrique”on the relations between France (who has no natural petroleum resources) and various former French colonies in Africa (who have more petroleum than they know what to do with). For those who missed the programme (we at LML in English have yet to adopt Mr Gates’ spelling of the word !!) can still catch it at :


It runs for 80 minutes, it’s well worth watching, but if you’re a bit strapped for time, fast forward to the 74th minute. There we find our old friend the Stifanaticus, accompanied by his trusty lieutenants, Jean-Charles and Claude, plus a few other apparatchiks, ensconced in a private jet (Who’s paying for it ???? Not our GLNF fees, I hope) flying off to the installation of the new Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Gabon (installation following the death of his father, immediate past Grand Master). The new Grand Master just happens to be Gabonese President, Ali Bongo Ondimba (who took office after his father’s death) as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Gabon (installation following the death of his father, immediate past Grand Master). But I already told you that in my previous article”You scratch my back…”. Sun King, Louis XIV, never looked more satisfied with his lot that does the Stifanaticus smiling a like a Cheshire cat eating roadmetal. The cameraman gets to film the preliminaries of the installation ceremony (the usher had the decency to close the doors of the temple). There arez so many blue aprons and gold trimmings you need sunglasses to protect your eyes.                                                                                         

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