The AGM agenda that might, might not, perhaps just a little bit, could possibly occur, but not too much !!!

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With the seconds ticking by miss Monique is obliged to publish the agenda for the June 23rd AGM of the GLNF Association. link

To be held at the Docks de Paris where Ephesse was disavowed by a majority of the “eligible” voters on February 4th, the June 23rd rematch is shaping up to be an even bigger fiasco. Back in February a couple of thousand of us stood shivering in the queue only to be told we hadn’t got a Guernsey. The weather will be more acceptable on the 23rd and only those who are absolutely certain of their right to vote will bother making the trip. And the extermination process applied to all opposition, coupled with his renowned “Jobs for the Boys” policy will ensure that those who get the magic electronic voting box (another 600 000 € for ?) have both feet well and truly in the Stifani camp.

With the ratification of the Grand Master candidate firmly posted on the agenda it looks like Ephesse is a shoe in. Well, not exactly…

Even Miss Monique isn’t too sure of where she stands. On page 3 of the summons she clearly states : “You are reminded that ballot by the ex-officio members of the General Assembly on march 30th will possibly be invalidated by decision of the Paris Appeal Court, judgement expected on June 21st.”

In which case the ex-officio members will meet again just prior to the AGM to elect a new Grand Master candidate (what election method ? see “Question mark N° 2” below). And with the jerrymander machine ticking over perfectly Ephesse might just get a majority, unless Murat & Servel get wise and agree to agree.

What are the question marks hanging over the occurrence of the AGM ?

Question mark N° 1 :

If Ephesse wins against Miss Monique  in court on June 19th, Miss Monique is no longer administrator, and the effective date of the end of her mandate is march 30th. No more Miss Monique, no AGM and the ratification of the Grand Master candidate is put off till at least the first Saturday in December (confirmed by No-Hero Heyraud in his letter purporting to be the secretary of the illegal GLNF Grand Council)

Question mark N° 2 :

If Miss Monique wins against Ephesse on June 21st the March 30th single round ballot result goes out the window. And Miss Monique gets to use the two round ballot agreed upon by the legal eagles of all the candidates, including Balloo the Legal Bear for Ephesse. Except that balloo has since retracted. And let’s not forget that with a two round ballot Ephesse is far from sure to come out on top.

Question mark N° 3 :

If “Question mark N° 2” occurs who are the candidates ? The 5 who got through to the March 30th ballot ? That 5 plus the other 5 who so graciously stood aside on march 30th to give Ephesse a royal ride to the top ?  The original 15 less Alain Juillet, obviously ? Will Miss Monique be required to call for new candidatures and therefore be unable to ratify thje grand master candidate on June 23rd ?

Question mark N° 4 :

If Miss Monique wins on June 19th and loses on June 21st will she accept to call for the ratification of a Grand Master candidate on the basis of a ballot she opposed ? Much depends upon the wording of the judgements.

Question mark N° 5 :

For both the June 19th and 21st judgements there is the possibility of appeal (before the appeals court for June 19th and before the Cour de Cassation, the highest French court, for June 21st.

The whole thing adds up to a VERY BIG QUESTION MARK and VERY BIG EXPENDITURE !!! More GLNF members dues going up in smoke !!!

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