The Council of the Elders slams the door in François Stifani's face !!!

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The Council of the Elders slams the door in François Stifani’s face !!!




Following a lunchtime meeting today the GLNF Council of the Elders published the following :


The Council of the Elders of the GLNF, having met on may 18th 2011,


Considering :


that confronted with the recent aggravation of the crisis of our institutions the Grand Master did not consider it useful to consult it for an opinion


and that therefore in these circumstances, the Council of the Elders cannot make the voice of wisdom be heard


the members of the Council of the Elders decides solemnly today to return its mandate to the grand master.


Despite the consequences that this decision could have on the functioning of our institutions, all the members of the Council of the Elders confirm their profound attachment to the GLNF.


Jean BOISSIERE 4431                           Jacques CAMBON 19330                  Jean DUGENY 7591

Dominique Le GUERINEL 16970              Claude LEGRAND 33301                  Georges PENATO 9816

Jean-Paul PERES 31106                         Jacques RODIER 25468                  Gérard RODIER 28817

Raymond SASIA  19535




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joaben 05/19/2011 17:33

dear winnie.

it does not matter for me, the names, the merits, the positions, the reasons of these people.

I am very basic :

The only thing which matters is the RESULT of their action.

FMR movement waste its time focusing on the individual merits. This is not a subject now. When you will buid your future teams, it will be time to assess.

joaben 05/19/2011 16:09

Sorry Winnie but, Brethren focus on something not important, for the moment. This not time to assess merits.

The credibility of these people have strictly no importance at all.

Focusing on this depreciate the important points :

- 55 % of previous PGM reject Stifani
- "Council of Elders" have resigned
- 135 High-ranked GLNF members reject Stifani

Winnie 05/19/2011 17:26

Brother Joaben,

The members of the Council of Elders have no credibility at all. Neither have a large number of the PGMs who have jumped on the bandwagon at the last moment.
And the same goes for many of the 135 so-called high ranking members of the GLNF. Never forget that the word "rank" has another entirely different connotation in English, something similar to
"miasma" !!! Many of the names you read on the lists have stood by François Stifani right until the very last moment. I trust the Brethren have the intelligence to refuse future office to these
"fair weather sailors" !!!

joaben 05/19/2011 13:32

One of the classical trap is to take care of the motivations, personnalities of these people.

About this event, as for PGMs secession, it does not matter who they are, their visible or hidden motivations, their aim, their real wisdom.

The only important fact : "Conseil des Sages" has resigned.

This on of the main handicap of opposition : minimize their success.

Winnie 05/19/2011 14:25

Yes, it is important that the Council of Elders has resigned because it further isolates François Stifani. But the vast majority of the Brethren will
remember that they resigned at the very last moment. Like so many of the PGMs, their credibility rating is below zero !!!

Marshmuchmulcher 05/19/2011 00:02

Maître de Roxanne is right. Talk about a Council of the wise! They are the last to come to reason, They won't get invested with any titles in the future, we hope. But in the meantime, sure, let'm
pull at the gunnals. For once they can do summat useful. Marshmuchmulcher

Maitre de Roxanne 05/18/2011 22:52

Oddly enough, the two I refer to above are the only two to have a GLNF number lower than mine! (One is a cheat, as I said!) It is sad that Foelners innovations have had such an impact that those
resigning feel the need to associate their registration numbers with their names. To me, the ruling that registration numbers had to accompany every name was one of the milestones on the route to
disaster. When introduced, it reminded me of tattoos on Jews in Hitlers camps.

Winnie 05/19/2011 12:58

Good remark, like youir suggestion that in the future the GM's apron be simply white with no decorations at all