The creation of the House of Emulation Rite Masons

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Within the GLNF 6 Rites are used :

Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite

Rectified Scottish Rite

French Rite (sometimes called the Modern Rite)

Emulation Rite

York Rite

Standard Scottish Rite


The first three are protected by their guardian Jurisdictions which also govern the higher degrees of each of these Rites. For example, the A& ASR has 33 degrees, the first three being under the GLNF, the other thirty being administered directly by the Jurisdiction.


Until now the other three, the so-called “English” Rites, a term often used here in France, had no guardian organisation on the French territory. And an English Brother residing in France had a tendency to want to labour under the Emulation Rite since it most closely resembles what he knows within the UGLE. And there are a number of Emulation rite Lodges within the GLNF which labour in English for this specific reason.


In a first step towards the creation of a guardian organisation or Jurisdiction, the House of Emulation Rite Masons (Maison des Maçons du Rite Emulation) has been created. It calls upon all Brethren and all Lodges labouring under this Rite within the GLNF to join it to :


Defend and respect the fundamental and traditional values of the regularity of the GLNF.

Maintain the respect of the practice of the Emulation Rite as defined by the “Emulation Lodge of Improvement” of the United Grand Lodge of England.

Act in order to find itself once again in a Regular Masonic structure respecting the Ancient Landmarks, customs and usages of the Universal Masonic Order; determined to re-establish regularity in France and thus, to regain international Recognition.


The House of Emulation Rite Masons considers the ULRF to be the sole body within the GLNF capable of bringing together the brethren of all Rites to rebuild the Temple and has immediately rallied to it.


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