The Elysée "forgot" to invite Ephesse

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January is a strange time in France. You have to be part of the French traditional culture to understand the manic need to be part of the “voeux” system. “Voeux” meaning “best wishes”. Every Frenchman worth his weight in “galettes des rois” must have his “voeux” ceremony. From the mayor of the smallest of France’s 36000 communes to the current tenant of the Elysée Palace, they have a seemingly unending series of infinitely boring cocktail parties where they put on the plastic smile, shake as many hands as possible and generally “work the room”. For the local mayor it’s all over in just a couple of dead boring gatherings. But for Nicolas Sarkozy, it’s full on “over the top” stuff. “Voeux” to the Deputies, “voeux” to the Senators, “voeux” to the press, “voeux” to the diplomatic corps, “ voeux” to the union bosses, “voeux” to the housemaids, “voeux” to the gardeners, “voeux” to the garbage collectors and, we mustn’t forget , “voeux” to the Freemasons.


Especially the Freemasons ! Especially the GLNF !!! After all, François Stifani wrote a letter he never wrote, pledging the support of 43000 GLNF members who never pledged support for Le Petit Nicolas, his government and a specified number of his cabinet ministers. And Nicolas sent a nice reply that François Stifani never received. And it all ended in a writ from François Stifani that no-one has ever seen !!!


"L'Express" journalist, François Koch, reports there are 80 places available for the masonic “voeux” and diplomatically, François Stifani isn’t invited. The official guest is the Masonic Institute of France (IMF) which represents the 10 major French Obediences, including the GLNF. To handle the Ephesse difficulty it is rumoured the IMF approached the UGLE for advice. Off the record the UGLE suggested some names to represent their “offspring”. François Stifani will certainly not be pleased to learn that Alain JUILLET, President of the Opposition Pilot Committee and Jean MURAT, candidate for the Grand Mastership, have been selected.


Perhaps Ephesse will be writing a 14th letter to Nicolas Sarkozy !!! He might even ask a second time for the Légion d’Honneur. With or without the support of 43000 masonic troops.

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