The English silence is deafening !!!

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The English silence is deafening !!!


Following the joint announcement by 5 continental European Grand Lodges (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium & Luxembourg) putting in motion the withdrawal of recognition of the GLNF, this having followed a similar move by the Grand Lodge of Poland, we were hoping to see the UGLE take some sort of stance. We even thought a joint communiqué from the UGLE and the Grand Lodges of Ireland and Scotland could have been in the offing.


But nothing !!! Not a word !!! Zero !!! Our usual contacts across the Channel are reluctant, even refusing, to divulge the slightest information. Our attempts to determine if the subject of the crisis of the GLNF is on the summons for next week’s (the 8th) Grand Lodge meeting in London have been fruitless. Well-informed English Brethren living here in France or even in former British Empire outposts have declined to comment. We are wondering if these normally up to date Brethren have not been told from on high to clam up.


Could it be that the UGLE is preparing a major move next week ???


Honestly folks, we don’t know, but the unusual silence gives us the feeling that something important is being prepared. If you have any information that could throw some light on the subject please let us know !!!

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Samuel 06/04/2011 22:59

There is nothing to wait from UGLE.

This expectation is irrational. Is it our interest if GLNF recovers ? No !

Do we need extra pressure on Stifani from England ? Despite all the pressure and the obvious failures of Stifani, most Brethren still go on their collaboration with Stifani's friends ! Should UGLE
decognition change something at this behavior ? Of course not !

That's main trouble now ! Brethren expect always something from OTHERS instead taking themselves their responsabilities.

Seen from England it reminds dark times of French History.

THat's FMR Myosotis'role to mobilize Brethren not to expect something more(we have won all now), but just act as FM.

Winnie 06/05/2011 17:43

Dear Brother Samuel,

You are right, we must solve the GLNF crisis ourselves. But, at the same time, our standing within international Freemasonry is important. We have been
isolated by the continental European Grand Lodges. The notion of international recognition of regular Freemasonry was put forward and adopted by the UGLE in 1929. As such, it is important that
the GLNF retain its status and the only way to do that is for the Brethren here in France to continue to struggle for the departure of François Stifani and those who have supported

Jean 06/04/2011 11:22

The calm before the storm ?

Ymlaen 06/02/2011 10:17

Perhaps 6th June would be an apposite day?

Winnie 06/03/2011 09:14

I'll go to Omaha beach and scan the horizon for 5000 ships !!!

Laurent de Verneuil 06/02/2011 01:32

C'est le grand silence dans toute l'Europe. Cela ne présage rien de bon, c'est évident. Stifani n'a pas le choix : soit il cède et tout est fini pour lui, soit il ne cède pas et il sera chef d'une
obédience dite irrégulière (majoritaires en France) avec le trésor des FF. La messe est dite. C'est aussi simple que cela.

Winnie 06/03/2011 09:13

L'Europe continental a déjà parlé. Ce que nous souhaitons, c'est quelque chose d'outre Manche. D'une manière ou l'autre Stifani est fini. Le question est de quelle manière il va partir. La
décision de la Cour d'Appel du 24 juin et la réunion de SGC le 27 va nous donner des éléments.