The French Rite gets it right, Stifani gets it wrong

Published on by Winnie

Yesterday, Saturday November19th, 180 members of the French Rite Chapter met in Lyon to elect their new Supreme Commander. The previous SC, Paul FALLET, had resigned because of the pressure associated with the position in these troubled times, the stress it caused his family and the ensuing health problems he suffered.


A previous Supreme Commander, Philippe THOMAS, until recently a strong opponent to the Stifani line, announced his candidature stating he proposed to align the FR Chapter with the current GLNF management and rejoin the ranks. If successful, such a poorly disguised Stifani manoeuvre would have put the solid front of the Jurisdictions at risk.


Well, it was not to be. Michel DESCOURS, maintaining the same approach as Paul FALLET, strongly aligned with the ULRF, stood against Philippe THOMAS and carried the day by a massive 68%. The Maison du Rite Français, an integral party to the ULRF, remains solidly beside the A&ASR within the Union, another blow to Stifani and his dwindling band of supporters.


Michel ZECCHINI, French Rite Chapter member, Harcourt photographic studio client and pretender to the title of PGM of Paris Grand Arche Province, tried to take the microphone in support of Philippe THOMAS. He was booed and hissed with much gusto. The long, green, boring vegetable is just as unpopular as ever ! The photo in his lounge room, blue apron, gilt all over, seems a trifle tarnished today.

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Arturusrex 11/20/2011 22:43

This report is obviously hot off the event. But inaccurate, nevertheless. Ph...Th... has constantly asked for the removal of Stif., in its reproduction His aim was not to renegociate with Stif, but
with others wthin the GLNF with whom such negociation, to gain a little time, might have been feasable. The UGLE has not yet broken off relations. over-reaction is too easy, in these times of
Wnat has to be added is that all the members of the meeting in question finished the day in harmony, as befits any who believe in democracy.

Winnie 11/21/2011 10:30

I am pleased to read that all ended in harmony. Relations with the UGLE are broken off to the penultimate point insofar as the September meeting of grand
Lodge confirmed the suspension of recognition. The only step remaining, probably in March 2012, is the definitive withdrawal of recognition. And Stifani's clumsy attempt to send an ante-dated
e-mail on July 21st did nothing to improve relatiions between the 2 Grand Lodges.