The Future Grand Master ???

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The Future Grand Master ???

By Tonton de la Butte – Myosotis Batignolle link


We are getting close to the case before the Paris Court of Appeal on Tuesday April 5th. One way or the other we’ll soon know what side our bread is buttered on !!! And the names of declared or “interested” candidates are beginning to circulate. Just today LML in English has posted an article largely inspired by Tamino’s “Un Candidat – c’est quoi ?” In a more humourous tone (as usual) Tonton de la Butte gives us his ideas.




The future Grand Master ? No need to look too far…


He must be :


Like the Treasurer of your Lodge

He must not have a problem with money (that avoids him screwing us !!!)


Like your Worshipful Master

A hand of iron in a velvet glove

Direct the labours, listen well to his Officers (and therefore the Brethren)

Don’t foist upon us a vinegar bitter power hungry character seeking revenge on life


Like your Orator

He must think before “opening” it and ensure the Law is respected (but not his !!!)


Like your Wardens

He must accompany the Brethren without proclaiming himself as a “spiritual guide”, but rather  by setting the example


Like your Tyler

He must guard the Temple door and forbid entry into our sacred places to television and other undesirable media


Like your Almoner

Generous of heart, bearer of love and comfort


Like your Deacon

With a perfect knowledge of the Ritual


Like your Master of Ceremonies

Knowing how to move around within the Obedience with the grace and distinction of the great of this World


Like your Secretary

Knowing the wheels and cogs of the Obedience and applying them to himself


Like your Brother in the Higher Degrees (no matter what Rite)

Knowing the value of Labour and of availability


Simply, he must be a serious Brother who doesn’t take himself seriously, who is capable of recalling his masonic track record right back to his initiation.




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