The gathering to be held on February 5th

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Announced in a previous article on LML in English, is taking shape, but your participation is needed if we are to produce an order of business of consequence. Please read on and react!


We must be at Paris-Montreuil in force on February 5th. It is not just to demonstrate our ever increasing numbers and determination to rid ourselves of F.Stifani and his team, but also to start on the new foundation of the GLNF. This will not be the work of a select committee, but the fruit of the reflexions of a vast cross section of the brothers on what our future is to be.

You are therefore asked to express your ideas. This you can do by making comments on LML and other Myosotis blogs, especially LML in English!

But also by writing to the dedicated address:

Editing your comments will be easier and more efficient if you will please respond along the lines of the following themes:-

1 The Lodge :

  • Functioning 
  • organisation 
  • powers
  • Degree of’ autonomy and in what fields
  • Etc…

2-The « Obedience »: 

  • Its assignements or missions
  • Functions to be assigned to it
  • Its organization (structures and advisory)
  • Counter-powers and « safety mechanisms if any.
  • What regional structures, if any, between national (GL) and local (lodges)
  • What functions for any such intermediary body?
  • Etc…

3-Representation : 

  • What electoral system ?
  • Length of terms of elected offices
  • Whether or not, and how, by whom, to constitutionally provide for the replacement or destitution of a Grand Master
  • Etc…  

4-Rites, Orders, Jurisdictions :

  • What lodge –obedience -order- and Jurisictional interfaces?
  • Inter rites and juridictional relations
  • What place for the Royal Arch ?
  • What place for workings not covered under the jurisdiction of Rites or Orders ?  
  • Do we need an inter rites council or governing body ? What would be its role?
  • Etc…  

5-Regularity, Recognition :

  • What « recognition » do you wish to see for the Obedience ? Why?
  • Etc… 
  • The above themes are not exhaustive, nor the examples mentioned.But they would seem to correspond to a majority of priorities as so far expressed.



Your contribution will gain in efficiency if you respect a certain number of points and procedures

Afin de rendre votre contribution plus efficace nous vous demandons de respecter un certain formalisme :

If you are referring to more than one theme, please send your reflexions as sparate contributions.

Place at the top of your contribution the title or subject, using the wording of the foregoing categories

Your contribution can be as long and complete as you desire. However, your introduction must not be longer than 15 lines (doc.format)

Contributions must be received by January 31st, latest.

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