The GL of Massachusetts suspends recognition of the GLNF

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Ephesse 1st kept this one quiet for more than 10 weeks. But the truth will out. A quick consultation of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts website reveals the following.


An interesting aspect of this communiqué is : “…nor can they visit a Lodge in any other country chartered by the GLNF.” Effectively, Brethren from the GL of Massachusetts are forbidden visiting such Grand Lodges as Gabon, Congo, Ivory Coast, Djibouti (!!!), perhaps even Monaco !


Recognition of the Grande Loge Nationale Francais (GLNF) Temporarily Withdrawn


The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts temporarily suspended recognition of the Grande Loge Nationale Francais (GLNF) at its Quarterly Communication on June 8, 2011. 

Massachusetts Masons are reminded they should not have any contact with a member or Lodge under the jurisdiction of the Grande Loge Nationale Francais. Massachusetts Masons in France may not visit a Lodge there, nor can they visit a Lodge in any other country chartered by the GLNF. Massachusetts Lodges cannot accept as a visitor a member of a GLNF Lodge.

Brethren planning on visiting lodges outside of North America are advised to procure a letter of introduction from the Grand Secretary. All communications with foreign Grand Lodges must be directed through the Office of the Grand Secretary. 

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English Brother 09/13/2011 20:40

Until the court processes are completed, we cannot be certain about the fate of GLNF. If a new French GL is founded before we have certainty about GLNF, I believe that UGLE (and the other regular
GLs) might regard that action as premature and unwelcome, so there is a risk that they may refuse recognition.
It is unfortunate that the legal processes are slow, and it is also unfortunate that delaying tactics are being employed. Nevertheless, it would probably be wiser for the ULRF to exercise patience
and to remain within GLNF, until it becomes clear (not only to you, but also to the regular GLs outside France) that there is no longer any possibility of a successful solution within the structure
of GLNF. For the regular GLs whose recognition you seek, it will probably take longer for this to become clear, perhaps another year or two years.

Winnie 09/14/2011 15:03

Let's take every post as it comes. The next one, extremely important is the decision by the Court of Appeal, sometime towards the middle of November. We will
see much clearer once we know the court decision, particularly if it takes a stance on the 2 susidiary questions put by the FMR lawyers.

English Brother 09/12/2011 22:31

If it had been the intention of the GL of Massachusetts to suspend relations with any other GLs in addition to GLNF, they certainly would have been explicit in naming those other GLs.
However, your reply raises a new issue. Is it the desire of FMR-Myosotis-ULRF that the regular GLs of Europe and America should suspend recognition of the daughter GLs of GLNF in Africa? So far as
I know, no-one has yet asked us to do this, nor has anyone shown us evidence of any specific irregularity in the masonic conduct of those GLs.

Winnie 09/13/2011 11:54

While I have personal doubts about the regularity of certain African Grand Lodges and their operating under a dictatorship (President of the country for life
AND GM of the GL for life with the transmission of both functions to a family member) No-one likes to see the recognition of a GL withdrawn by another GL. Neither FMR nor Myosotis nor ULRF (3
distinctly separate bodies) have taken positions concerning the recognition of GLs other than the GLNF. The recognition or otherwise of GLs outside of France by other GLs outside of France is not
the concern of thses 3 organisations.

The suspension of relations & /or the withdrawal of recognition of the GLNF has been brought upon us by the irregular antics of François Stifani and his

There are only 2 possible solutions and one of those becomes daily more and more improbable.

1. The resignation or deposing of François Stifani, the holding of an AGM, election of a new GM (who is not just a puppet put in place by Stifani), reform of
the Constitutions, Statutes & By-Laws and a return to labouring calmly within the Landmarks. But I don't believe that is possible because françois Stifani has every intention of remaining in
place until the end of his term of office and he will use every trick & delaying tactic that the laws of the land allow him.

2. Sufficient Lodges and individual Brethren join the ULRF, the Jurisdictions recognise its legitimacy and the hopefully the ULRF requests recognition by the
UGLE. Recognition by other GLs would necessarily follow once the UGLE has made its position clear. I firmly believe this is the only possible option. The question of the GLNF assets is secondary
to masonic considerations. Leave the determination of how the assets are divided to the courts & the lawyers.

None of this can happen in 5 minutes (& François Stifani is profiting from the time delay);the ULRF is still in the constitution phase, it has not yet
had its 1st meeting of the provisional Board, the position of the Jurisdictions is unknown and the UGLE will take no decision for quite some months.

English Brother 09/11/2011 21:20

No, you are misunderstanding what GL of Massachusetts has said. When they refer to Lodges in any other country chartered by GLNF, they mean GLNF Lodges outside France: this statement is NOT
suspending relations with other GLs such as Gabon etc.

Winnie 09/12/2011 09:56

Your interpretation is quite possibly correct but the text is not explicit. The interesting point is that this declaration enters a grey area not yet touched
by the declarations of suspension of relations or recognition by other Grand Lodges.