The GL of Nova Scotia withdraws recognition (temporarily) of the GLNF

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On June 21st LML in English posted an article “GL of Nova Scotia warns its members” in which we suggested that this important Canadian Grand Lodge was advising its members to not visit GLNF Lodges.


In a telephone conversation just a few minutes ago I received official confirmation from MWBr Robert Northup, Grand Secretary of the GL of Nova Scotia, that they have temporarily withdrawn recognition of the GLNF. He stressed that this is a temporary decision, that could be revoked as soon as the internal crisis of our Lodge is resolved.


The GL of Nova Scotia deeply regrets that it has lost numerous very good friends on this side of the duckpond because of the politics of Ephesse 1st.


And just in case the Pisan Ministry of Propaganda tries to belittle this decision, LML in English reminds you that the Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia was constituted in 1866 and numbers more than 100 Lodges with about 15000 members.

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Arturusrex 08/21/2011 17:51

Dear Bro Indiana Jones,
Apart from the Biaggio letter, which does indeed add a few spicy details to the history of our decadence, LML in English has in fact covered most of the points you raise in its article Charbonniaud
- Foellner - Stifani, and the Côte d'Azur, published several days ago. Thank you for reading the English blog!

Indiana Jones 08/21/2011 09:41

My dear Winnie
and all of you english BB, everywhere in the world.

I suggest to read these 3 links published on Myosotis PACA;

Abstract (it's my point of view) : CC, JCF and Ephesse 1st = "disreputable men"

Winnie, perhaps you can translate some "chosen pieces", better than I could.
Good reading
Indiana Jones

Winnie 08/21/2011 15:21

Dear Brother,


I was aware of the existence of the letter from Alain Biggio but not the other 2. LML in English is snowed under at present by profane professional
obligations and the necessity to prioritise certain articles. I'll try to get an additional translator to help us out over the next few days.

Many thanks for bringing the additional 2 letters to our attention.