The Grand Lodge of Iowa votes « Non !» to Ephesse

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From last Wednesday 14th to Saturday 17th September the Grand Lodge of Iowa held its 167th annual Communication, a 4 day long Grand Lodge Conference.


From the blog of Chris Hoddap, renowned American author on Freemasonry :


"GL of Iowa Suspends GLNF Recognition

According to reports from the annual communication, the Grand Lodge of Iowa AF&AM has joined the growing ranks of grand lodges worldwide that have temporarily suspended recognition of France's Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF) over its growing list of internal struggles.

GLNF has lost at least 600 lodges so far over the problems, and GM Stifani continues to cling to his position like a great clinging thing.

I've lost count, but Iowa's action, I believe, pushes the number of GLs suspending recognition of GLNF to over 20 now."


LML in English contacted M.W.B. BillCrawford, Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Iowa, who confirmed the "temporary suspension of recognition of the GLNF". He informed me that the reversal of that decision can only be made by the Lodge delegates to the Annual Communication, which does not meet for another 12 months. So the GLNF is on their black list for at least that period.


In case Ephesse 1st tries to play down the importance of this decision, the GL of Iowa was constituted in 1844 and today it numbers 283 Lodges with 21700 Brethren.

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