The judge dots the « i’s » and crosses the « t’s » with Miss Monique

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In a letter dated September 30 th, 2011 Judge Patrice KURZ,Vice President of the Paris Court who named Maître Legrand administrator ad hoc of the GLNF way back in January wrote the following to her : link




Since your nomination as ad hoc administrator of the GLNF Association I have read with interest all the mail concerning your designation, be it sent to me directly by the members of the association or that addressed to you that you have forwarded to me.


Fairly frequently I consult the websites and blogs where our intervention is commented, which has enabled me to get to know a little the Freemasonry milieu.


We exchange regularly concerning this rather unusual file.


Your mission is :


to administer the association with the assistance of the salaried employees, to take all stepsd required by urgency and to represent the association in all legal procedures in which it finds itself involved.


to take all the useful steps to enable the association to choose a president, a board of administration and an elected committee while respecting the requirements of the association’s statutes and by-laws.


To convene the general assembly of the association members with an agenda in conformity with the court decision of December 7th, 2010 :


                              -    the approval of the accounts as of August 31st, 2009


                              -     the approval of the budget for the period September 1st, 2010 to August 31st, 2011

                              -     In the light of current events, the placing on the agenda of the revoking of the President of the Association and certain members of the board being no longer necessary, the designation of the president in conformity with article 2.3 of the by-laws.


Clearly it (your mission) is to re-establish the functioning of the “Grande Loge Nationale Française” association, without its management following their successive resignations, and this according to the decision the court had brought down three months previously. (This confirms that François Stifani and his apparatchiks no longer have any role in the day to day running of the GLNF Association. – translator’s note)


Neither this decision, nor my ordinance leave any ambiguity concerning the fact that the Justice of the Republic has nothing to do in the spiritual discussions within the Lodge.


The conducting of your mission was and still is closely conditioned by the decision that the Paris Appeals Court must bring down in the coming weeks.


In reading here and there it would seem that not everyone has understood this.


I approved all the attempts you have undertaken to bring the conflictual parties together within the GLNF,  your nomination sort of brought them together since it followed the request for such by the administrators, theirs having preceded by just a few hours, that presented for the same reasons by another group and, if I recall correctly there would have been few absent if we had brought everyone together.


These conciliatory attempts have gone beyond the limits of your initial mission, we have gone to “brothers”, from presidents, vice-presidents and administration board members, to “Masters” and “Grand Masters”.


I was in no way hostile to these discussions which I approved, they had beneficial results, if only concerning the method of payment of the “contributions” such as analysed by Maître Dumaine-Martin, which have, it appears to me, allowed the association to continue to function. (This remark will be a bone of contention for all those GLNF members whose position, “no AGM, no money”, remains unchanged. – translator’s note).


Mail multiplies over recent times, more and more vehement questioning us, you, me, sometimes both of us, over questions concerning masonic matters, subjects foreign to the legal debate and to which we must not and cannot reply, and to which, consequently, we are answerable to no-one.


It appears to me that since the protagonists will not come together under our eyes the time has come for us to get back to fundamentals. (President Kurz clearly tells maître legrand to get back on the rails and to get on with the job she was given in the first place. –translator’s note) We must wait for the Appeals Court decision which will say if the court decision of December 7th, 2010 declaring nul the assembly of October 16th, 2010 is confirmed and then, to pursue the preparation of the association general assembly where the accounts analysed by the B&M cabinet who will by then have finished its audit mission and the designation of the directors of the association.


All these other questions concerning the management of the Lodge and purely masonic questions must be left to those who are competent to deal with them.


I see no inconvenience that this letter or its tone be communicated to those that you consider it worth doing so."


The judge is telling Miss Monique to get on with her job as detailed in her letter of nomination and, at the same time, he is telling her that François Stifani has nothing whatsoever to do in the running of the association.


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