The MARK.......of defiance

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The MARK …..of defiance                                                  Translated by Arturusrex from


La Marque de la défiance, By Anaxagore, on Brie Champagne Blog, Monday February 21st link


To mark what some considered to be the last chapter in its recent history, the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons for France has just, for the second time, delivered a serious snub to Mr F.Stifani.


J-M Dominique D…N, a particularly well-known member excluded some years ago from the Mark, has just requested his re-integration in the Order, having recently acquired re-admittance to the GLNF.


Re-integration, supposed to be a mere formality (a member excluded from the GLNF being (tr’s note: under the protocol) automatically excluded from the GLMMMF) has, in Dominique D’s case, been rejected for astonishing reasons.


Through his Grand Secretary, the GM of the GLMMMF, after recalling the legal context surrounding the GLNF today, (Court decision of 7-12-10; resignation of the President and Board of Administration on 21-1-11; Court Order of January 24th appointing a Court Administrator ad hoc) continues, quoting, on the one hand, “the Declaration of the jurisdictions of the A&ASR, the FR and Gd Priory that represent a large majority of the brethren who consider the Chair of GM to be vacant”, and, on the other hand, “the legal proofs presented by Maître Taitgen, Hon. President of the Barristers’ Association of Paris, at the FMR Gathering of February 5th, that confirm that the Grand Master’s Chair is and has been vacant since he resigned as President”.


The GM of the GLMMMF comes to the elementary conclusion that “all acts of the Grand Master since January 21st at the least are non valid or acceptable as they stand” and “it will need the decision of a competent Court of Justice of the Republic to say whether or not MWB F.Stifani was within his legal mandate when signing acts of administration of the GLNF”.


The reader should particularly admire the choice of the expressions “since January 21st at the least and MWB F.Stifani”, whereas correct protocol is to say only “The Grand Master”.



For the second time, the GLMMMF, reputedly close to Mr Stfani, or so it was thought, distances itself from him by adopting the vacant chair position expressed by the other jurisdictions.


Even more surprising is to see the GM of the GLMMMF adopting loch stock and barrel  Maître Taitgen’s conclusions while unhesitatingly acknowledging that they were propounded at the FMR and Myosotis Gathering on February 5th, thereby also acknowledging the amplitude of the anti-Stifani rejection by all those concerned and the legitimacy of their representative bodies.  


Undoubtedly, the GM of the GLMMMF , a man of ponderation and reflection, has chosen the terms he uses with discernment.  

Equally undoubtedly Mr F.Stifani will find himself in difficulty, faced by such explicit acknowledgments, if he wants to boomerang them back at their

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