The N° 2 jumps ship

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In his blog, L’Expess journalist, François Koch, has just confirmed the rumour that the N° 2 on the GLNF pyramid, Jean-Claude Tardivat, has resigned from the positions of administrator of the Obedience and Deputy Grand Master. The resignation took effect on Tuesday January 11th, just prior to the opening of the scheduled administration board meeting.


Known for his diplomatic ability, Tardivat has overseen the international relations of the Obedience for the past 15 years. He is not considered to be part of the Grand Master’s inner circle. The departure of the 2nd highest ranking officer of the GLNF (the Deputy Grand Master replaces the Grand Master should he quit office) comes at the precise moment of the publication of the letter of criticism received from the UGLE. Certain generally well-informed sources state that Tardivat could no longer fulfil his functions with loyalty and that he did not want to have to assume the future decisions of the board.


Tardivat’s departure further isolates François Stifani, following closely on the heels of other board  resignations, Jacques Studer, Provincial Grand master of the Rhone Valley and Jean Dugeny, Honourable Deputy Grand Master.

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Arturusrex 01/15/2011 13:53

Tardivat's resignation can be seen as further isolation of Stifani and therefore positive. But, it is the end of the only proper link the GLNF had with Queen Street. The UGLE need no longer wait
for any improvement in the French situation, and Stifani knows that there will no longer be an able ambassador of his in London. It is ti be thought that Stifani will now go all the way to
remaining GM of the GLNF with his handful of supporters. He may indeed succeed, having been deposed only as Président de l'Association. His GLNF will continue to exist, although not recognised (we
hope)and the vast majority of us dissenters will have to found a new obedience, which, hopefully, will early on in its existence be recognised. In the meantime, it is of utmost importance, however
painful, that the UGLE should officially declare that the GLNF is no longer recognised.
Only then will we be able to set about reconstructing regular masonry in France. Arturusrex