The new Obedience, and therefore the new Grand Lodge, takes shape !

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Over the past few weeks we have witnessed the creation of the following organisations beneath the ULRF canopy :


- Maison des Maçons Réguliers du Rite Français (French or Modern Rite)

- Collectif des Compagnons de l’Arche Royale (Royal Arch)

-  Rassemblement des Maçons Réguliers du Rite York (York Rite)

- Rassemblement des Maçons Réguliers du Rite Standand d’Ecosse (Standard Rite)

- Maison des Maçons du Rite Emulation (Emulation Rite) 


Yesterday, MWB Charles TORDJMAN, the genuine PGM of Paris Grand Arche Province, not the cardboard cutout copy found in a cupboard at Harcourt Photographic Studio (!), published a call to all GLNF members labouring under the A&ASR to rally to the ULRF under the banner of the Maison des Maçons Réguliers du REAA (A&ASR). LINK


This completes the structuring of organisations that will enable us to move quickly towards the creation of the new Obedience (and, therefore, the new Grand Lodge). It has drawn its inspiration from the German Grand Lodge model. Each Rite will have its own specific Grand Lodge and they will all come together in a Federation of Grand Lodges. The name of the new federation has not yet been announced, the necessary research and verification of names already registered is taking some time.


This announcement is a major step forward. And what is most important is the announcement of the principal guidelines which have the merit of being clear and uncomplicated :

 - A. The respect of the Landmarks and the principles of international Recognition.

- B. The primacy of spiritual progression and homogeneity of each Rite.

- C. The sovereignty of the Lodges.

- D. The Lodges are grouped together in Grand Lodges according to  their Rite.

- E. The Grand Lodges federate together in a United Grand Lodge.

- F. The administrative organisation at all levels will be reduced to the strict minimum, in order to reduce overheads, reduce the dues, eliminate the “apparatchik” syndrome. Ostentatious regalia and decorations are “out”.

- G. The new Obedience (Grand Lodge) will be based upon constitutional principles :

      - Principle of subsidiarity : problems will be handled at the level closest to the Lodges.

- Separation of powers : in particular the disciplinary bodies completely independent from the Grand Master and having a procedure for the impeachment of the GM.

- Short terms of office.

- Above all, the elected Grand Master will be the guardian of harmony, the architect of balance.

- The Obedience organises, unites and preserves.


An important practical point : All Brethren who are already individual adherents to the ULRF are automatically members of the Association of their specific Rite. You need do nothing. All new adherents indicate the Rite they labour under.


There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Much remains to be done but Brethren now know the structure of the future.

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george 02/18/2012 12:12

you're right
françois stifani will never leave the chair, obvious, proven in the facts for years

so solution is to start a new obediency

Winnie 02/21/2012 14:55

There are those who pretend we can rebuild from within. Not me, the GLNF name is in tatters. The only solution is the creation of a new Grand

George Philpott 02/15/2012 20:26

You are right: get the Obedince running first, of course, just that it will be good to visit in France, and recognition means that we can visit again, and once visitng starts,(both ways) then we
can all participate in your new masonic lives,,,

George Philpott 02/14/2012 19:02

This is sounding really good Brethren! Hopefully out of evil comes good, if this really takes off (and it seems like it will) then you have the makings of an excellent GL, which would be far better
than GLNF ever was (from my outside view!)

The wheels turn slowly in masonry, but I can;t see why this could not be recognised quickly (in terms of masonic timescales!)

Winnie 02/15/2012 11:44

Concerning recognition I hope you're right. But the most important thing is to get the new Obedience rolling.