The oldest GLNF Lodge transfers to the GL-AMF

Published on by Allan Sanders

“L’Anglaise 204” one of the oldest Lodges in France (founded in 1732), and a founding Lodge of the GLNF in 1913, along with “Le Centre des Amis”, has decided to leave the GLNF after almost 100 years, to be a founding petitioning Lodge of the new Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française. link

A number of readers have requested a translation of the decree. With a name like "L'Anglaise 204" surely they could have done it themselves ! However, at great expense to the LML in English here it is :


Decree from the R.L. « L’Anglaise 204 »

Considering, its decision of October 29th, 1913, confirmed on November 26th, 1913 and December 3rd, 1913 to sever all relations with the Grand Orient of France and to participate beside the R.L. “Le Centre des Amis” N° 1 in the reconstitution in France of True Traditional Freemasonry, and considering, the powers mentioned to this effect by the Grande Loge Nationale Indépendante et Régulière pour la France et Les Colonies (GLIR) by Decree N° 1 on December 6th, 1913,

Considering, its decision of April 23rd, 1913 to separate itself from this Obedience which paid no attention to the reclamations by the Lodges and the Provinces,

Considering, its decision of February 13th, 1965 to leave the Grande Loge de France and reintegrate the Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF) under the N° 2, integrating the practice of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite,

Considering, its Declaration of January 14th, 2011 for the safeguard of Traditional Freemasonry in France,

Considering its Formal Declaration of May 27th, 2011 listing the diversions of the GLNF and affirming its unfailing commitment to conserve and protect the principles of Masonic Regularity and Tradition that have been invalidated in France,

Considering the Joint Formal Declaration of the R.L. “Le Centre des Amis” N° 1 and the R.L. “L’Anglaise 204” N° 2, co-founders in 1913 of the “Grande Loge Nationale Indépendante et Régulière pour la France et Les Colonies” on June 9th, 2011,

Considering, its Declaration N° 3 of July 21st, 2011 in favour of the conservation of its masonic links with the United grand Lodge of England, refusing all solidarity with the declarations and decisions of the rpresident of the GLNF who has resigned.,

Considering :


-         that the Grande Loge Nationale Française, by the actions of its leaders, has broken with the habits and customs of Regular traditional Freemasonry, respect for the landmarks, the rule in Twelve Points and the preservation of its attachment to the masonic links with the United grand Lodge of England,


what’s more, for many months, and because of the situation in which its leaders have deliberately placed it, the Grande Loge Nationale Française no longer findqs itself in a situation where it can carry on its activity independently, being placed under court-appointed administration and non-masonic presidency and, by this fact alone, can no longer be considered to be a regular Obedience, rather merely a civil association,


that in consequence of that, it has been the object of suspension and/or loss of Recognition by more than eighty international Regular Grand Lodges,


Reaffirms :

the urgent necessity, under exceptional circumstances, in France, to preserve and guarantee for the future and as soon as possible, the fundamental principles that motivate Regular Freemasonry since time immemorial, particularly :


  1. the opening and closing of labour under the invocation and to the Glory of the great Architect of the Universe, all boards being traced beneath this invocation,


  1. during labour, the opening on the altar of the Volume of the Sacred Law,


  1. the strict conformity of ceremonies and Meetings to the traditional Rituals corresponding to the different rites practiced in the grand Lodge,


  1. the assurance than no discussion of religion or politics will be allowed within the Obedience and that the Lodge will never take sides, as a Lodge or via the Obedience, in religious or political matters, each Brother conserving total freedom of opinion and action in his own name outside the Lodge,


Decrees :

In its quality as a Sovereign Lodge, following its Agenda and Deliberation in a Regular Lodge Meeting voted on April 13th, 2012 at the East of Bordeaux :


the suspension as of that date of all relations of a Masonic nature with the association called “Grande Loge Nationale Française” and its legal or designated representatives, and abandons the formula “under the auspices of the Grande Loge Nationale Française” evoked in the rituals.


its active participation in the reconstruction of Regular Traditional Freemasonry, engages so far as it is concerned, under the aegis of the “House of regular Masons of the A&ASR”, in favour of the return to the application of the Rule (in 12 points : translator’s note) in the spirit of the respect for Sovereign Lodges ;


Consequently :

It invites all regular French Lodges who desire to calmly pursue their Labours to the Glory of the Great Architect of the Universe to join with it in the foundation of the grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française (GL-AMF) in respect of regularity, Masonic Tradition, and the specificity of each of the Rites.

It reaffirms its ongoing attachment to the preservation of the historic links which unite Traditional French Freemasonry with the United Grand Lodge of England and the Regular Grand Lodges of the World.


Signed in Bordeaux on April 13th, 2012, on behalf of the Lodge

by the current Worshipful Master, the Lodge Officers and the Past Worshipful Masters.



No doubt François Stifani will try to brush this off as just another Lodge rallying to the opposition movement. In fact, it is much more than that and he knows it only too well. Ever since its creation 280 years ago by three English Brethren, resident in Bordeaux, “L’Anglaise 204” has always strongly defended its independence and its obligation to take a strong stance when circumstances require. Initially directly linked to the United Grand Lodge of England (it was one of the “Moderns”), it then joined the only French Grand Lodge of the time, the Grand Orient. Back in 1903, dissatisfied with the lay tendencies o the Grand Orient, the members of “L’Anglaise 204” were one of the 2 founding Lodges of the GLNF predecessor, the Grande Loge Nationale Indépendente et Régulière pour la France et Les Colonies, and was given the number 2, the “204” being from its days as a Lodge of the UGLE.


Over the past two years “L’Anglaise 204” has spoken out against the excesses of the Pisan 3rd floor management. But now the cup is full and flowing over. In the finest tradition of taking a strong stance in defence of Traditional and Regular Freemasonry in France, one of the most prestigious of French Lodges has decided that the way of tradition and regularity is with the Grande Loge de l’Alliance Maçonnique Française.


And nothing Ephesse can say will diminish the effect of such an announcement !

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