The Opposition Pilot Committee writes to 172 Grand Lodges concerning December 3rd

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The Opposition Pilot Committee


Paris, January 5th 2012




                                       Most Worshipful Brother 

                                       General Grand Secretary


Dear Brother,


The annual meeting of the Grande Loge Nationale Française (GLNF) in Paris on December 3rd, 2011 did not occur under the conditions of solemnity and dignity required by our Grand Lodge rituals.


In fact, this ceremony had been organised like a political « rally ». Outside there was top security police surveillance, inside the assembly was filmed.


To ensure a docile audience, over a period of several months, the Grand Master had closed 180 Lodges, modified the composition of the greater part of the Sovereign Grand Committee and suspended or struck off numerous Brethren judged to be hostile to him…

Despite these precautions worthy of certain political regimes, this parody of a “Grand Lodge ceremony” took place in a tumult of cries and jeers, the participants having unfortunately no other means of being heard and of showing their rejection.


With satisfaction we have noted that no Grand Lodge attended this travesty of a Grand Lodge ceremony. What’s more, we had taken the precautionary measure of informing your Grand Master of our concern about how the meeting would occur.


No-one can nor should take joy from the sad spectacle our noble Institution has made of itself.


Violence has entered our Temples ; it remains there by the obstinacy of a single man, a despot from another time, his determination to remain in power is the only obstacle today to a return to peace and harmony in our Obedience.


With all their wisdom, our founding fathers could never have imagined such a situation and alas, our Constitutions are powerless to resolve it ; that is why we were obliged to call upon civil justice in December 2010 and we are awaiting its decision.


We know that Grand Lodges throughout the entire world are preoccupied by these sad events. Five European Grand Lodges have just initiated the procedure for withdrawing recognition of the GLNF

Our warmest thanks go to those who have sent messages of compassion and support to the GLNF Brethren. They help us during this trial.


Trusting that soon we will once again take our place in the Chain of Union of Universal Masonry, we send you, Most Worshipful General Grand Secretary, our most fraternal wishes for 2012, wishes we ask you to pass on to your Most Worshipful Grand Master.


Assuring you of our unfailing Fraternity.




The President of the Opposition Pilot Committee



                       Charles TORDJMAN 


Member of the Union des Loges Régulières françaises (ULRF)



          FMR                                                                               MYOSOTIS

  Claude SEILER                                                               Dominique MOREAU

Past Provincial Grand Master

Rouvray Province   




Jean MURAT                                                               Serge BARTHELEMY

Past Assistant Grand Master                                        Past Provincial Grand Master

                                                                                     Lutèce Province 




Group of Provincial Grand Masters


Alain BELLET  - PGM Picardie-Plaine de France

Marc CAIRE    - PGM de Neustrie

Pierre COHEN – PGM de Lutèce

Christian DEGNY – PGM de Bretagne

Georges DUCROS – PGM Austrasie – Champagne Ardennes

Philippe GESTAS – PGM Polynésie Française

Zavoche HOUCHANGNIA – PGM Dauphiné Savoie

Philippe MARTIN – PGM Auvergne

Jacques PAROT – PGM Asie Pacifique

Yves PENNES – PGM Paris

Jacques STUDER – PGM Vallée du Rhône

Laurent TOUBOL – PGM Rouvray

Jean Luc VENTURINO – PGM Massilia 

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English Brother 01/14/2012 08:00

There we all were, wondering what Bérenger Saunière had arranged for the safe-keeping of the Grail when he died (1917). It hadn't occurred to us that the foundation of GLNF (1913) might not really
have been about the re-introduction of regular freemasonry in France, but instead that was merely a cover-story to hide the real purpose - of becoming the new Grail repository! That's brilliant,
Winnie, you've solved the mystery!

Now we can all sit back and wait for a new flood of conspiracy-theory fantasists to write their books and make their films about "The Spiritual Guide and the Holy Grail". Just wait, folks: I
predict that you *will* see photos of the Pisan bunker appearing on the Web, captioned "The new resting-place of the Holy Grail!"


Winnie 01/16/2012 15:45

???????? !!! Non capisco !!!

TONTON BERETTA de LA BUTTE 01/06/2012 21:33

Rencontre entre F.S et NI.. NI .( en anglais ) sur le blog de Tonton. SCOOP !

Winnie 01/07/2012 10:32

The events of the GLNF certainly resemble something out of Monty Python. Perhaps Ephesse is clinging to his throne bacause the Holy Grail is hidden in a
cupboard on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker.

John Sage 01/06/2012 19:30

What a wonderful letter! I hope it has a positive effect. I will ensure all my Brothers here in the UK are made aware of it.

Winnie 01/06/2012 21:07