The « phantom » plaintiff

Published on by Allan Sanders

As reportede by L'Express journalist, François Koch

Yesterday we informed you the holidays were over because the GLNF was back in court. What we couldn’t foresee was that the courtroom was converted into a slapstick comedy scene. Shakespeare can usually be relied upon to have touched upon most human foibles but I have found no reference to a lawyer appearing in court for a plaintiff who didn’t appoint him.

TOstensibly the joust was between Miss Monique and Eric Fonteneau, a member of the SGC. The said Bro. Fonteneau, via his legal mouthpiece Maître Combenègre, called upon the court to rule that the Grand Master candidate be designated by the SGC at its meeting called by Ephesse this coming Friday, August 31st, and that Miss Monique be forbidden to hold a meeting of the SGC next Thursday, September 6th, to designate the Grand Master candidate.

So far so good, just as we told you yesterday (only slight cosmetic difference being that Balloo the Legal Bear, legal eagle to the Pisan tyrant and Grand Orator of the GLNF, was replaced by Maître Combenègre).

Surprise right from the start : Maître Dumaine-Martin, legal mouthpiece for Miss Monique, informs the court that Bro Fonteneau had only accepted Balloo the Legal Bear’s proposition to be the plaintiff because he was assured that he was acting for the 450 members of the SGC as a body. He subsequently discovered that he was the sole plaintiff, that he had never seen the text of the writ, AND that he doesn’t know Maître Combenègre. Maître Dumaine-Martin produced an e-mail from Bro Fonteneau confirming among other details that he had not mandated Maître Combenègre to act for him.

As well, Maître Dumaine-Martin confirmed that he had received the writ from Balloo the Legal Bear, who would appear to be at the heart of what is a blatant manoeuvre to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.

Maître Combenègre bleats a lame reply, claiming (without proof) that he is mandated by Bro Fonteneau and that the allegation is baseless since the e-mail isn’t signed !!! Or that maybe Bro Fonteneau has changed his mind !!!

Having sufficiently muddied the waters the two protagonists got down to legal ping pong. Masonic versus civil, Ephesse versus Miss Monique, August 31st versus September 6th, etc, etc, etc.

Maître Dumaine-Martin calls for 15000 € in reparation for abusive procedure.

Decision tomorrow at 2 p.m.

One thing both side agrees upon, the certainty that the UGLE will definitively withdraw Recognition of the GLNF on September 12th.

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Flanders province voice 08/29/2012 18:02

J like better and better,it's more and more crazy.
People who are not masons must imagine that GNLF is a theater troop,better then Monthy Python and Mr Bean
Please ask the SGC to keep at his place F Stifani the loger as possible

Hierarchy of Flanders Province plays too witn this mad troop.

Philippe Christian 08/29/2012 17:26

Really sad and distressing it can't be an attitude deserving of a freemasonry.

We have to make stop it

how many people destroyed in their ideals of brotherhood still needs it?

Fraternally yours

Allan Sanders 08/30/2012 10:04

The antics of those on the 3rd floor of the Pisan bunker have absolutely nothing to do with Freemasonry. They only want to protect their privileges and
possibly ensure that certain skeletons remain firmly behind locked doors. The true Freemasons have abandoned them to their vile destiny.