The photocopiers on the 3rd floor are working overtime !!!

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GLNF Worshipful Masters are going to receive a very fat envelope in the mail over the next few days. As you can well imagine (since they are being sent from the Pisan bunker) you have paid for the printing and the stamps !!!


Inside the fat envelope the WMs will find 60 ordinancesincluding :


32 nominations of “active” Grand National Officers


129 nominations of “past” Grand National Officers (perhaps we should read “passive” or Grand National Officers d’Honneur (perhaps we should read “dishonour”)


30 new nominations to the Sovereign Grand Committee (that makes 30 more votes for the future Pisan candidate for the Grand Mastership).


Plus the usual number of“Suspensions”


And a few Reintegrations for opportunistic strategies.



The blue apron and gilded embroidery department at Scribe is going to have its work cut out !!!


On a similar note, if you look at the blue apron section of Scribe you will discover that a Grand Master’s apron costs 1500 euros (who pays ???) and the delivery delay is a minimum of 5 months. All of you who are after the top job had better get your order in !!!


Back to the fat envelope :


Sirius Back on Myosotis Maine Atlantique suggests that Worshipful Masters begin to read all of the ordinances at the next Lodge meeting and see how long it takes for the Brethren to beg him to stop. All WMs who last a minimum of 15 minutes will be awarded an OAF medal, a case of Château de Paradis and an invitation to the next swearing in ceremony in the broom closet on the 3rd floor at Pisan !!!

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