The « Provisional » Administration Board of the ULRF

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The Union des Loges Régulières Françaises blog  has published the provisional list of members of the administration board.


1st College – Worshipful Masters representing the Lodges


François BABIN (56935) R.L. David d'Angers n°199

Claude COJA (44038) R.L. Isis n°92

Philippe CUY (57030) R.L. Le Nautile n°1136

Frédéric GARNIER (39678) R.L. La Fraternité Ecossaise n°147

Léopold JORGE (43468) R.L. La Maïeutique n°522

Fred PICAVET (63966) R.L. La Porte de Nicanor n°1388

Emmanuel REGARD (67901) R.L. Saint Louis au Chêne n°384


2nd College – Brethren who have been actively involved for a long time in the opposition to the current management


Marc BOYEAU (65473) R.L. La Crypte n°942

Jacques BRET (25968) R.L. Amour Tradition Connaissance n°112

Philippe CUINIER (42196) R.L. Le Saint Mors n°780

Frank FAUQUEMBERGUE (44804) R.L. Pictavia n°153

Michel GUILLOT (47756) R.L. La Fraternité Ecossaise n°147

Dominique MOREAU (25204) R.L. Le Jardin des Hespérides n°242

Michel POMAREDE (11697) R.L. Eole n°163


3rd College – Brethren recognised for their masonic value and their experience


Christian ADAGE (34717) R.L. Les Trois Vallées n°189

Marc CAIRE (33802) R.L. Robert Le Bruce n°259

Alain JUILLET (36257) R.L. Le Banquet n°1128

Thierry PERRIN (16354) R.L. Akhenaton n°247

Laurent QUIVOGNE (30483) R.L. Les Bienheureux de Saint Jean n°543

Claude SEILER (14638) R.L. Thebah n°97

Charles TORDJMAN (37560) R.L. Saint-Exupéry n°1046


Frédéric GARNIER, the oldest Worshipful Master in the 1st College will provisionally occupy the function of President of the provisional Board and will call its initial meeting very soon.

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Comment on this post

Maître de Roxanne 09/12/2011 10:11

I note each Lodge is described as R.L. I suggest this pointless innovation be dropped. A Lodge is a Lodge, and one hopes it will be respectable, but it is not necessary to use the adjective on
every occasion the word "Lodge" is used!
Might the Colleges consider letting Lodges revert to their historic date of Installation, instead of cramming all Installations into September? The forced change was purely to facilitate the
disgraced administrators.

Winnie 09/12/2011 11:18

Dear Roxanne's Master (!),

I heartily agree; let's keep it simple. I would even go for the idea that if we need a Grand Master / President to be in conformity with the laws of the
French Republic, that he wear a simple white apron, a symbol of the humility necessary to accept such a task. Of course my proposition will fall on deaf ears, but at least it has been

And I have no objection whatsoever to the suggestion that the installation dates revert to their historic date of consecration. In my Lodge an installation
date in February would suit me right down to the ground.