The « Round Table » goes down the gurgler

Published on by Winnie

We bet you the Round Table would go nowhere. Please pay up. Miss Monique has just postponed it


And all this just after we all received the latest missive from ephesse stating :


that he and his delegation of 25 would be present

that he would assist Miss Monique in its organisation (re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic ?)

that he would actively assist Miss Monique in organising the AGM(a little like planning one’s own funeral)


Why did Miss Monique postpone the meeting just 48 hours prior to its occurring ?


Ostensibly, because the account books were not yet ready or were missing. Just how long does it take to produce books which are supposed to be up to date at all times ? Could it be that they needed doctoring ?


Could it be that Miss Monique has finally realised the seriousness of the situation, since she was grilled by the Financial Section of the Judicial Police ?


In the meantime, no Round Table and not the slightest indication of when we are likely to be holding an AGM. Whatever happened to that final deadline date of October 31st set by the Court ?

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