The Standard Scottish Rite rallies to the ULRF

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As with the French Rite (RF), also known as the Modern Rite, the Rectified Scottish  Rite (RER), and the Emulation Rite, the Brethren of the Standard Scottish Rite have rallied together under the banner of the ULRF link.

This adds a new dimension to the Union, and will help to support and protect the Rite which is very much in the minority here in France, to the point where there was a real danger that it would disappear completely. In addition it, like the rallying of the Emulation Rite, will add momentum to a movement bringing the “British” degrees into the Union.


Those Brethren seeking further information can contact


All Brethren of the GLNF are reminded that, irrespective of your own Lodge’s overall position for or against the Union, you can (and should) join individually. The individual application form can be found on the ULRF blog


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Philippe Christian 01/13/2012 14:56

There is a small error for the courriel :

please proceed the correction in your site.
kind regards

Winnie 01/15/2012 10:52

Thank you for pointing out the mistake.

English Brother 01/12/2012 18:06

There are numerous GLs which specify a single ritual and require that all their Lodges follow it exactly. The Brethren of those GLs continue to visit one another enthusiastically, and do not appear
to find the uniformity of ritual "boring".

Nevertheless, I am not arguing for uniform ritual. I am merely pointing out that variety in ritual does not appear to be necessary to maintain the interest of the Brethren.

Winnie 01/13/2012 11:45

I heartily agree on both points.

John Sage 01/11/2012 21:44

This is fantastic news! As the WM of Duquesne Lodge 48, Neustrie I find it heartening that the "other" Scottish Rite has joined. We work the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in English. The only
Lodge to do so with the original workings. These Rituals are very special and MUST be protected. It is what makes Freemasonry. It would be boring if everyone worked Emulation. We need to keep our
individuality. Well done to the other Scots! PS I am Scottish!

Henrgist o Muckros 01/11/2012 19:49

This is goed to hear. We Picts and the Scots now get on well in fraternity all over the world and hope our French brethren will overcome this period of troubles so tha we might resume our
deliberations wherever. Its nae a long way to pop over in the name of Scottish masonry. By the way, it might be the right time to form some sort of bond with ye all of the rectifieds and ancients
and moderns and so on. So do it!!! We'll bring ye a drop of the whisky to celebrate when you get there!