The Stifanatic tries to place a "fawnicator" as DGM !!!

Published on by Winnie

The Stifanatic tries to place a « fawnicator » as DGM !!!


As I am typing this our self-proclaimed spiritual guide, the man with 13 letters, is meeting with maître legrand. Our information is that he is trying to convince her to accept Alain CANO as Deputy Grand Master. We are also informed that the same Brother Cano has an appointment this afternoon with Miss Monique. Like Alice we are pushing further and further into Wonderland. The Brethren will never accept one of François Stifani’s closest collaborators in a position that is traditionally the ante-chamber to the biggest blue apron with the most baubles. Only a few days ago François Stifani pulled himself up to his full height (difficult !!!) and threw out Alain Juillet’s proposal to occupy the post of DGM for only the period necessary to reform the statutes and by-laws with the undertaking to not postulate for the top job.

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Arturusrex 04/14/2011 22:54

Harry Potter? It's all right for you youngsters to use these esoteric modern references. Do you refer to the devil or to some other source of evil? I suppose my grandson could help me on this
question. Arturusrex

Winnie 04/16/2011 23:43

Dear Brother Arturusrex,

Fear not, we are of the same generation. But as in the Saturday matinée westerns of our youth, the good guys are always the good guys and the bad guys will
get their comeupance before the interval. and rest assured, the stifanatic is very definitely cast among the baddies !!!

Maitre de Roxanne 04/14/2011 12:10

Has anyone else noticed the similarity between Stiffani & Voldermort? (To understand the question, you need to be familiar with the Harry Potter books.)

Winnie 04/14/2011 13:59

That's not being very kind to Voldermort !!!