The strange sense of geography at the GLNF !!!

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The consecration of a new Province is an important occasion in the life of a Grand Lodge. Blue aprons and lots of gilded baubles everywhere. Gavels beat to a stirring rhythm, Grand Officers, National or Provincial, parading beneath a vault of steel, pomp & circumstance in large lumps.


And obviously it is very important for the Brethren of the new Province to be able to attend the consecration ceremony. So if you were planning a new Province in the centre of France, in the Auvergne Region, for example and if you were planning to give an appropriate name like Province des Sources to this region where mineral springs abound, it’s pretty obvious that you’d be looking for a venue in a major central French city like Clermont Ferrand or Saint Etienne.


So, like me you’d be more than a little surprised to learn that last weekend (we think Saturday, but we’re not sure) the new Province des Sources was consecrated, not in Clermont Ferrand, not in Saint Etienne, not even in the Auvergne region, but far away in Stifani Land, in Cannes on the Riviera !!!


Not being Auvergnat and having no connection with Provincial Officers on the Riviera, Winnie is not surprised at not having been invited to this auspicious occasion. I have not even been able to get hold of one via my Myosotis contacts in Auvergne and PACA. Not surprising, being fellow miasmas, they too are persona non grata at such occasions.


But we have managed to get the text of a very discreet e-mail sent by a Provincial Grand Secretary on the Riviera :


Mes BAF :
Vous êtes cordialement invités 
LE SAMEDI  18 juin 2011 à 9h30 au temple de CANNES
Installation du GMP et de son collège d’Officiers
Présence DU GM


Pour ceux qui souhaitent assister à cette consécration, pensez à prendre vos décors de GL. »


There’s more in the text but LML in English is saving that for another article.


If you are like Winnie you immediately ask “Why Cannes” ???


If you read the invitation carefully you’ll notice our ex-self-proclaimed spiritual guide, the Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles, Air Bongo frequent flyer, recipient of unsolicited correspondence to the Elysée Palace, writer of 13 letters to the French President in his ex-capacity of Grand Master (including one asking for the Légion d’Honneur for himself), etc., etc., etc., Yes, Ephesse 1st, François Stifani himself was at the ceremony wearing the blue apron whose symbols he cdoesn't understand.


So it was not by accident that the show occurred in Cannes, just down the road from Antibes, the Stifani stronghold. Saves petrol in these difficult times.


Could it be that there was no venue available in all the Auvergne ? Unlikely.


Could it be that no-one from the Auvergne was invited ? Again unlikely.


Could it be that  François Stifani feared the ire of the Auvergnat Brethren ? Now there’s a distinct possibility !


Could it be that François Stifani, wanting to keep the event quiet, preferred to hold it in a place well under his control ? Once again a distinct possibility.


Could it be that François Stifani wanted to completely control who was present ? Most definitely !!!


Enough questions : so Ephesse 1st has got himself another Province, he’s got a fistful of new votes for next Monday’s farce called the SGC. We’ve even read the extremely crude statement he made declaring that he had enough votes to control the meeting but my mother taught me never to repeat the “F” word in public.


Long life to the Province des Sources and May God Bless all who sail in her !!!


For the rest of the invitation text, watch this space …

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MASSILIA 07/02/2011 10:52

De quels appuis occultes bénéficient la poignée de crapules sans nom qui manipule les esprits des membres de la GLNF ?
Parce qu'enfin, nous savons bien que le "hasard n'existe pas" n'est-ce-pas ?
Alors, comment expliquer que depuis bientôt 2 ans d'avocats en magistrats, d'assemblées en administrateur judiciaire, de procédures en délibérés, les choses continuent à profiter à cette bande de
profanes bedonnants, arrogants, méprisants, insultants et tellement sûrs d'eux ???
Même les décisions de justice à appliquer "sans délais" ne le sont pas ! Et ceux qui en sont la cause se tapent sur le ventre en rigolant, voyageant, festoyant, organisant des fêtes somptueuses et
autres réjouissances avec l'argent de nos cotisations ??? Et en plus vident nos Rituels de leur substance !!!
C'est ça la "régularité reconnue" par la GLUA ???
Si cette dernière ne se manifeste pas très prochainement pour arrêter d'être complice de cette mascarade, c'est qu'elle est "dans le coup" au même titre que les démons qui prétendent nous diriger
et leurs complices !!!
J'attend encore un peu ...
On va bien voir dans les semaines qui suivent, et pas question de nous faire le coup des "grandes vacances", la plupart de FF travaillent pour leur subsistance et celle de leur famille pendant ces
périodes d'été, et leur balancer à la figure l'excuse des "vacances d'été" ( 2 mois !) est une INSULTE à leur DIGNITE !!!

our souls are about to be robbed by the man who spits on God if you do not help us...and you would be partly responsible ...

Winnie 07/03/2011 15:20

Dear Brother Massilia,


Our frustration has reached breaking point. We have gone as far down the legal and court track as we are prepared to go. What happened on Friday in not an
accident. It is a delaying tactic that was put in place consciously prior to the first appeal hearing. You can draw your own conclusions as to who conceived the strategem.

But enough is enough. FMR and Myosotis have decided to call upon Lodges to no longer recognise the GLNF management. That does not mean that Lodges that rally
to the call are leaving the GLNF Nor does it put the individual membership of Brethren at risk. But it does put in place a grouping of Lodges that are regular and could under certain
circumstances obtain recognition by international Grand Lodges.

Encourage your WM to consult the Masters in your Lodge on this new position.

Maurice 06/22/2011 18:42

It is a shame! What does monsieur stif take us for? cattle?
We did not want to be separated from our brethren from saint-Etienne and we had nothing against our provicial G.M. Philippe who was recently fired.
Last Saturday we had a meeting in Clermont to prepare the new masonic year but our hearts were sad and angry, although we only worked without commenting the "events".
I was told that a worshipful lodge from the PACA region has left the GLNF to join the Grande Loge de France but nothing makes "the guide" think: maybe his aim is to destroy the GLNF.
Anyway most of us -Auvergnats brethren- are looking forward to being rid of monsieur stif and his acccomplices.

Winnie 06/22/2011 19:07

Brother Maurice, You were right to feel sad and angry. François Stifani robbed you of an important occasion. 

I have heard of rumours that entire Lodges have left the GLNF to go elsewhere but FS will not force all of us to leave. We've resisted this far, just a
little more and we'll be rid of him.

Marshmuchmulcher 06/22/2011 18:33

Poor Winnie, are you running out of honey, you old Poo? You shouldn't be jealous! If they didn't invite you it was no doubt to keep the costs down, just enabling them to pop along to the local
equivalent of the Goose and Gridiron for a cheap little ceremony. don't you think....? Marchmuchmulcher

Winnie 06/22/2011 19:03

They tell me the fare at the Goose & Gridiron festive board is infinitely superior to that served in Cannes. And they don't serve Château paradi at the
Goose & Gridiron.