The Super Prefects

Published on by Winnie

The first chapter of « How to be a Successful Dictator in 5 Easy Lessons » teaches you to totally centralise your power and to concentrate the day to day policing of your programme in the hands of a very small number of hand-picked, completely faithful and blindly obedient underlings. In the end of term examination on this chapter our spiritual guide and Honorary Consul for Djibouti in Marseilles comes out top of the class. The KGB and Stasi are rank amateurs compared to our little Fuhrer on the 3rd floor.


Realising that he can’t be everywhere at all times (despite believing himself to be the direct link between God and man), and fearing that he was losing his grip on the situation and that certain of his PGMs were beginning to doubt the word that descends from on high, Air Gabon’s n° 1 frequent flyer has added an additional layer to his totalitarian structure. Between the spiritual guide and the PGMs we now have 5 “Super Prefects” (their title is Assistant grand Maître), each overseeing a quarter of the GLNF Provinces. Their nominations were announced in Brevda n° 56. The GLNF  now looks like a camembert divided between 5 stormtroopers with very large teeth.


Woe betide the PPGGMM and other PPOO who don’t toe the line. We can look forward to more summary replacements of those who beg to differ, and we can be sure that those who fill the vacancies will be carefully selected from within his college of docile lackeys whose vocabulary is limited to “Yes”.

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Arturusrex 12/30/2010 18:40

if anyone still has any ideas connecting GLNF and freemasonry, perhaps those ideas will have to be revised until the demonic institution has fallen.Arturusrex

M. de Roxanne 12/21/2010 21:08

I wanted to say that he had "got them by the balls", but I did not know that language was accepted here! That is why my post was so verbiose!

Winnie 12/21/2010 19:03

I think the "hold" works 2 ways:

1. the greed and ambition factor. Stif knows his underlings love the honours and trappings of office and

2. I hope you know the expression, "When you've got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow !!

M. de Roxanne 12/21/2010 18:39

Does the Great Dictator, the Spiritual Leader, the Legal Eagle on the top of the Steeple (well, the third floor!) have some sort of hold over his inner circle? It looks that way to me. If one has
been legal advisor to someone with a number of companies for some years, one may have acquired information the former client does not want made public. Following the blogs pretty well since they
started, it seems suspicious that every time one of the “Fellowship” speaks out, there is a rapid retraction. Are CC, JCF & JD free to express their real opinions?
Call me paranoid, but in the JCF days, there was never any clear information given as to his financial interest in the companies handling HAI goods. That’s where my paranoia (?) started.