The Swiss, Belgian and Luxembourger letter

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Was it the English letter ?????



Re-reading the 3rd letter from the 3 Grand Masters, LML in English was somewhat puzzled at the protocol remark at the beginning. They reminded our spiritual guide that it is good masonic manners that a Grand Lodge Secretary replies to correspondence from another Grand Lodge Secretary. That seems to be logical. But why would the 3 Grand Masters waste their precious time pointing this out to Stifanaticus ? After all, they had written directly to him on 2 occasions, Grand Master to Grand Master.


Is there another letter sent from another Grand Lodge, written by the Grand Secretary and addressed to the Grand Secretary of the GLNF ? If so, and if that letter came from one of the three Grand Lodges of Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg, surely the 3 Grand Masters would have referred to it specifically.


If not one of the 3 Grand Lodges, logic makes us believe it must have been written by the Grand Secretary of the UGLE since that is the only other Grand Lodge mentioned in their letter.


And if the 3 Grand Masters raise this point of protocol it must be the reply did not come from the Grand Secretary of the GLNF. If not he, who ? Since they have written to Stifani, Grand Master to Grand Master, LML in English is forced to conclude that the Grand Master of the GLNF undertook to reply himself. Knowing how the English are sticklers for protocol he must have known there would be a reaction. In fact, the Grand Master of the UGLE doesn’t write to anyone. We are talking about the Duke of Kent !! And between him and the Grand secretary of the UGLE, there is the Pro-Grand Master, himself a Lord. And he doesn’t write to anyone, either. Stifani has really cocked it up this time !! It’s like patting the Queen of England on the back. They almost chopped off the head of former Australian Prime Minister, Paul Keating, for that crime. They tell us there is only one remaining guillotine in working order in France and it’s in a museum. We understand it is having its rust removed !!


Could it be that Stifanaticus has taken to intercepting the Grand Secretary’s mail ?


LML in English is in a position to confirm that the letter from the UGLE to the GLNF arrived at Pisan at the beginning of last week. Why has our spiritual guide not yet informed us of its contents ? Our sources suggest that Stifanaticus’ reply is in “English.” We can hardly wait to read his effort, knowing how well he manipulates the language of Molière! Perish the thought for Shakespeare !!


LML in English is hoping to obtain copies of the exchange of this most important correspondence and we will publish it as soon as possible.

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joaben 01/11/2011 16:02

Despite the fact that decrognition should be a confirmation of the damages done by Stifani to GLNF, it should be anayway, BAD NEWS.

Because, it apllies to all of us.

We hope that this derecognition should be suspended to a full change of Stifani practices.

Winnie 01/11/2011 14:15

That is exactly what is being suggested; that the Grand Secretary of the UGLE wrote to the GS of the GLNF but that Stifani was the one who repliedand, in doing so, got the protocol wrong by writing
directly to the duke of Kent. How Stifani got to receive the letter in the first place is anyone's guess, but we have our ideas !! Only time will tell.

Baldrick of Dunny on the Wold 01/11/2011 13:07

Knowing how the UGLE is a stickler for maintaining masonic protocols I am in no doubt that if they have made contact, the letter will have been sent by the Grand Secretary and addressed to the
Grand Secretary of the GLNF. Whilst the Duke of Kent is the titular head of the UGLE, the tiller is held by the Pro Grand Master and the Board of general Purposes.I cannot see his Royal Highness
getting involved in such correspondence - it's just not "Cricket". I'm sure that if we do eventually get to see the content of the letter it will have been written in very diplomatic terms. Perhaps
what will be more important is not what has been said, but the manner in which it is delivered. Whether the people that need to listen are sufficiently wise to be able to read between the lines
remains to be seen.