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Published on by Arturusrex and Winnie

A most important meeting took place on July 28th between Madame Legrand, GLNF Administrator, and various other persons, including FMR- Myosotis leaders Claude Seiler and Dominique Moreau. 

The following minutes of that meeting and comments, translated into English by Arturusrex and Winnie.


We preface them, to comfort readers in advance, with the additional fact that Madame Legrand has acknowledged these minutes as true.



An analysis by Sirius Black of Myosotis Maine Atlantique appears at the end of this article.


Minutes of the meeting link (also covers Maître Legrand's confirmation, comments by FMR and by Myosotis Maine Atlantique)


Following a registered letter we sent to Madame Legrand in answer to her mail of July 20th in which she demanded immediate payment of an additional contribution,, at her request (i.e. of Madame Legrand), a meeting was held with her lawyer, Me DUMAINE-MARTIN and Thierry BELLOT of the company of auditors, Mssrs Dominique MOREAU and Claude SEILER of FMR - Myosotis, Thierry BREZILLON, Lawyer, and Jacques CARLES, Communications Consultant. She had also convened the presence of Alain JUILLET


The meeting opened with a general consent as to the strong possibility that the GLNF will now disintegrate, François Stifani himself having made it overtly obvious that such an outcome would not displease him.   Furthermore, the new element of loss of international recognition by the Grand Lodges points at the very heart and raison d’être of the GLNF.


At the aforementioned meeting, the following points were put to the participants by Thierry Bellot:


The practice consisting of including provisions prior to investments in the GLNF accounts led to an over-evaluation of 20% of what our annual dues should be. This increase in our dues, according to Thierry Bellot, corresponds to investments in real estate planned for the following financial year and it is an item which will be dealt with in detail in his reports.

Available funds at the end of 2010, both for the GLNF and subsidiaries went well beyond any amount corresponding to a year’s needs or outgoings. In the knowledge that 60% of our dues had been collected, there can, consequently, be no short term urgency for funds. Looking at the situation of the Treasury on 31-12- 2009 ( 18 million Euros) and on 31-8-2010, (little difference) there is every reason to believe that this situation is still positive, as Henri Sidéry had told Madame Legrand, in the first instance.

At the request of Madame Legrand, Thierry Bellot will contact the accountancy departments of the GLNF to obtain all useful details to be able to present a clear picture of the situation. He will examine the funding forecasts for end of August 2011 and make a report in early September.

Full audits will be available for FMR-Myosotis members so requesting, and, subsequently, to all Brethren. You are reminded that as things stand, the auditors’ assignment is only to ensure conformity in the application of accountancy procedure as to the drawing up and presentation of the accounts and to point out any unusual or aberrant practice or procedure. In the latter category, it could be we will find the excessive “provisions prior to investments” practised over past years. On the other hand, appreciation of the opportuneness of expenditure is an internal matter for the Association, which, over these latter years, has been in default. On this matter, Madame Legrand has confirmed to Thierry Bellot the principle of an extension of her assignment to enable her to analyse certain elements entering into what may well constitute anomalies, to come to understand how such arose and, if necessary, determine the responsibilities incumbent. Thierry Bellot will submit his reports called for by Madame Legrand to same, who alone will decide on their publication.

Thierry Bellot presented the participants with an extract from a draught report concerning the end of year accounts and products of SCRIBE, in which a number of items appear that fall into the category of additional works envisaged. Madame Legrand will examine this extension of Bellot and Co’s assignment and a written order for such will be addressed to him in the coming days by one of the participants at the meeting.
The following additional points were raised with Madame Legrand:

Sale of the Wagram property, with the revelation that F. Stifani’s claim that he was at the origin of the idea to sell was false.

Madame Legrand agreed that the meeting of the permanent titular members of the SGC that would have to determine the future governance would be chaired by herself.

Madame Legrand further stated that François Stifani, whom she met to ask him to back down, informed her that such was not his intention, despite the formal declaration he made that he would do so before the SGC.


In the matter of dues, our participants at the meeting explained to Madame Legrand how badly her letter of demand had been perceived in the absence of any form of facts and figures or budgetary difficulty liable to show up in the near future. She agreed that there might have been vigorous incomprehension, and an exchange of points of view took place as to the very principle of being empowered to demand dues and/or complementary contributions.

The proposal to put the contributions into a sequestrated account outside of the GLNF under the Administrator’s tutelage while awaiting a vote on dues to be held in a General Assembly did not carry conviction with the representatives of FMR- Myosotis, for, apart from certain and sure operational difficulties,  there is no financial difficulty at the present moment.


Finally, for the General Assembly, Madame Legrand foresees a possible convening of such in late October, (with a computerized voting system on the spot) to initialize the process for the GLNF towards a team of governors elected by majority vote, and to decide on the accounts and budgets after examination of the audits and the information or lessons to be learned from them. Participants noted the reservations of Madame Legrand as to the reliability of the lists that might be supplied to her by the present administrators of the GLNF with a General Assembly in view. She furthermore confirmed that should any incident arise or occur during the General Assembly ( tr: calling for such  action) she would be obliged to allow a vote to be held calling for the revocation of François Stifani.

Whatever the hypothesis, it was clear from these exchanges that a convening of the General Assembly before the Judgment of the Court of Appeal was pronounced would cause problems connected to the questions on which the Court is asked to make judgment relative to the exact perimeter of the electoral college and the connection between the functions of the President and the Grand Master.

For which reason, Madame Legrand evoked the idea of another meeting the Court of Appeal hearing scheduled for September 8th.


Comments on the minutes by Maître Legrand


Mr President of FMR,


The minutes of the meeting that took place on July 28th that you have sent me raise no particular modification. They are in conformity with the subjects discussed and treated with the exception of :


I reiterate that the payment of dues gives the right to vote at ordinary and extraordinary General Assemblies.


You evoke the incidents that could arise during a general assembly that I have the mission to call at the end of October 2011, in application of the justice mission, I have not the capacity to interpret the revocation of Grand Master Stifani.


I remind you that in September I will organize with you a final meeting at the headquarters of the GLNF , to attempt a reconciliation in the presence of all the opposing parties , with a single item on the agenda, “Rapprochement and reconciliation between all the opposing parties in order to rebuild the GLNF via the refinding of a common ideal”.


Maître Legrand, Administrator of the GLNF, by e-mail August 3rd, 2011


Comments by Claude Seiler and Dominique Moreau 


We have received the agreement from Maître Legrand on the minutes of our meeting of July 28th. So, at least we are certain that no denial will be forthcoming from Brèves , thereby avoiding that once more doubt would be cast.


Two remarks are made however by the ad hoc administrator.


The first is her reiteration concerning the payment of the exceptional contribution, which was the subject of lively debate, without our being able to reach a compromise. Our position is unchanged and we consider, for the reasons that have already been widely presented, that the payment of unvoted dues or of a contribution would have no effect on the voting rights of the members of an association. If the menaces expressed in this sense were to be realized, the courts would be seized.


The second remark by Maître Legrand is exact, she cannot “interpret” François Stifani’s revocation. The question was, chairing a general Assembly, she would be unable to oppose a request for a vote on a revocation, that she would allow it to proceed, as is stated in the minutes.


Concerning the meeting planned by Maître Legrand after the positioning of the Court of Appeal on September 8th, she asked us to present her with a list of representative participants of the opposition.


It is the occasion for us to once again call for a necessary union, something that we have proposed without success up till now.

Alain Juillet, jean Murat, Serge Toffolini, two representatives from the PGMs….as well as representatives from FMR and Myosotis should be at this meeting. Jean-Claude Tardivat, as well as other representatives of the Rites, if they feel it is possible or desirable, could also participate in our opinion. In the coming days we will contact all the interested parties to discuss the practical details and above all to gain their approval in principle. Certainly we are not yet at the committee of refoundation, and even if the term “reconciliation” used by maître Legrand does not seem to us to be in phase with the reality of the situation, ever since the beginning of this struggle we have always applied the principle that each effort with a view to reaching a solution to this crisis is our duty to present it.


No doubt this is the case here, since regularity and Recognition, the unavoidable bases of the Duties of a Mason (preamble to our Statutes and By-Laws) have been lost today.


To refind the fundamentals of our Obedience remains the objective of the greatest number, no matter what their manner of expressing it, and to show the Administrator  our joint determination, seems necessary to us, even if it’s only a step.


Claude Seiler and Dominique Moreau


Analysis by Sirius Black of Myosotis Maine Atlantique 


  1. François Stifani has no intention of withdrawing.

That is what he replied to Maître Legrand when she suggested it ! It is abundantly clear, Maître Legrand said is spontaneously and she confirms it in the minutes.

That puts in its rightful place the smokescreen manoeuvring by Ephesse 1st when he announced his intention to hand back his mandate the day after the decision by the court of Appeal, then a week later…….then at a date yet to be determined !!!!!

The object of this manoeuvre was obvious : the UGLE was waiting for this “full” departure before de”ciding upon an eventual “withdrawal of recognition of the GLNF by the UGLE”, something Ephesse 1st wanted to put off as long as possible.

Our English brethren are now fixed (they have been done so by the 2 letters of “reaction” by François Stifani to the decision thezy have finally taken, taking into account the repeated delays !)


  1. The meeting of the Sovereign Grand Committee (under its rightful designation of the “Committee of Rightful Members”) necessary to elect the new management of the GLNF…is the “domain of competence of  Maître Legrand alone and she will chair it.She can no longer avoid this responsibility, nor can ephesse 1st pretend to organize it by his peculiar methods.
  2.  Concerning the General Assembly, Maître Legrand intends organizing it for the end of October (she details certain technical aspects). BUT she continues to link this assembly to the decision by the court of Appeal (provided it is not too drawn out).

And this for 2 related questions that were put to the Appeals court:


the exact perimeter of the electoral college (we have stated it often enough, IT IS ESSENTIAL and necessary for the fairness of this assembly)

the possible disjunction or not (you know our position !) of the 2 functions of President of the GLNF 1901 Association…. And GM of the Obedience.

A decision by the French courts would be helpful in this area in order to avoid any possible “invalidation” of a GA or of other decisions yet to be made.


  1. The cash reserves of the GLNF should suffice since the audit results given to maître legrand put them at about 18M€ in August 2010, more than a year of normal financial activity, they were still excellent in January 2011 and 60% of the 2010 – 2011 dues have been received. For us that should solve (negatively) the need for an urgent payment of contribution or whatever.

BUT (and it’s a very big BUT) the only point of disagreement between the FMR – Myosotis representatives and Maître Legrand is that she maintains LINK between the PAYMENT of this CONTRIBUTION and the RIGHT TO VOTE at the next General Assembly.

You will read it in the Commentary by Claude Seiler and Dominique Moreau, we maintain our position and, if necessary, we will submit it to the court’s authority !


  1. The Audits

As we have always told you, the accounting operations are exact…..BUT the audits state precisely that they had not proceeded to appreciate the opportunity of the expenditure…. Which necessitates an extension of the audit mission, ….. which has been requested and to us appears more than ever necessary since abuses in this area have been observed. :


an OVERESTIMATION of the DUES NEEDS by 20% (which explains the more than comfortable mattress lying in the GLNF bikky barrel)

ANOMALIES in the accounts and the financial results of Scribe that we will not allow to be hidden from view (notably the integration of the car parking income which raises a number of thorny questions). This is a VERY IMPORTANT POINT. Keep your eye on it ! Myosotis Maine Atlantique and LML in English won’t let it get pushed under the rug or shoved off to another GLNF satellite.


  1. A “Reconciliation Meeting” (?) of all the opposing parties.

Maître legrand has charged FMR with the drawing up of a “LIST OF PARTICIPANTS”?

Certainly, that means Proposing Jean Murat, Jean-Claude Tardivat, Serge Toffolini, representatives of the PGMs and the Jurisdictions to join us ! With the sincere hope that no-one would want to risk upsetting this exceptional opportunity….which certainly won’t present itself a second time !


Brethren, let each of us make his own conclusion…. And make your comments on this blog.


But let us be thankful that for once you have credible information that cannot be sabotaged by the Pisan Ministry of Propaganda !!!

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