The UGLE wrote to Stifani on December 9th 2010

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This one we don’t have to translate for you. No prizes for guessing why our spiritual guide has been sitting on it for so long. As soon as we can get a copy of his reply we’ll publish it.

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Baldrick of Dunny on the Wold 01/12/2011 18:28

If you could amend my typographical slip up on my last post I'd be most grateful - in the first line I inadvertently put GLUA instead of GLNF when referring to the letter sent to the Elysée. Things
are confused enough as it is without me adding to it!

Arturusrex 01/12/2011 14:18

Thanks to Baldrick of Dunny on the Wold for correcting my error in the dates! Unfortunately, the new glasses I need will not be ready for me for a few more weeks!
The fact that THE letter from UGLE goes back to December means that during the interval, there have probably been other attempts at corrspondance. Never mind, then, as we are dealing with the major
issue of GLNF recognition at an international level, and the even more important issue for GLNF members resident in France of saving the basic structures, Constitution (temporarily, until revised),
membership of the brothers concerned with regularity, estate and chattels bought with our monies and legal good standing according to the laws of the land.If the international masonic community
declares us to be no longer (temporarily) recognised, that could also be a useful drop of nasty tasting medicine to set us on the way to a cure.
I woud like to take this opportunity to remind all readers of this blog, especially if members of the GLNF or regular visitors, that personal contact can be made by clicking on Contact, as below.
We could have much to gain by knowing each others "as such" and a telephone list, for example.

Baldrick of Dunny on the Wold 01/12/2011 11:31

According to the letter from the United Grand Lodge of England, it was sent on 9th DECEMBER not the 9th January, so even taking into account the recent problems with weather and postal disruption
this communication must have been in the hands of the GLNF for some time.

There is no doubt that the UGLE are very far from happy about GLUA's involvement with the Elysee to such an extent that there is a veiled threat of withdrawal of recognition. If that occurs (which
it well might) then you can lay the blame directly on the man at the top. Whether directly or indirectly responsable for the letter to Sarkozy, he has a vicarious liability - the "Buck" stops with
him. I am sadly coming to the conclusion that the GLNF in its present form is looking at a bleak and isolated future.

mason tex 01/12/2011 09:44

Hey Bro's,

Thank you for this publication on FaceBook!

For your G.Master,
When used Masonically, the word Brother has a depth and tenderness all its own, unique and is beautiful beyond words. It tells of a tie, mystical but mighty, which Masonry spins and weaves between
man and man, which no one can define and few can resist. In time of sorrow it is a tether of sympathy and a link of loyalty....
Mason tex

Gigi 25 01/12/2011 08:26

The original copy is available on the Express blog