There must be some money left in the GLNF coffers : half a million euros to go to the AGM !!!

Published on by Allan Sanders

We always knew that Ephesse was generous and that he had a big heart. We also knew that he prefers that official GLNF travel expenses be charged up to the Obedience. But this time the Pisan money machine has moved up a gear or two. A discreet unsigned note (but with the names of Henry the Beancounter and the assistant general manager of at the bottom) informs Lodge delegates to the June 23rdAGM that they will be reimbursed (please provide receipts) up to a maximum of 300 € each. This is limited to delegates coming from outside the Paris region. A quick calculation suggests that number represents 727 Lodges out of the total of 1002 that are eligible to attend AND vote. Two delegates per Lodge multiplied by 300 € equals a potential GLNF expense of 436 200 € !!!

We are only talking about the Lodge delegates but I suppose the same goes for the members of the SGC. A number live in the Paris region but it’s safe to assume that two thirds represent the rest of the country. The SGC has approximately 450 members. So 300 multiplied by 300 € adds another 90 000 € to the bill, bringing it to a potential payout well in excess of half a million euros.

And to really rub the salt into the wound, the French Riviera potentates, ever ready to bow to the slightest whim of Ephesse, have turned on :

A Nice – Orly flight departing at 7 a.m., return flight departing 8 p.m.

A train leaving Aix en provence at 7 a.m., return trip departing 7 p.m.

Nothing is too good for the Ephesse Fan Club !!!


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