Thierry Perrin gravely ill !!!

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Thierry Perrin gravely ill !!!


Our Brother Thierry Perrin, one of the Brethren who defied François Stifani at a meeting of the Sovereign Grand Committee in December 2009 was hospitalised on Monday evening following a serious heart attack. In 2009 Thierry was Provincial Grand Master of Val de Loire Province. Our self-proclaimed guide soon put a stop to that. Thierry was one of the 24 Brothers suspended after the SGC meeting. His persistent refusal to buckle under led to his being struck off the GLNF membership. And the support of his entire province led to its being dissolved. 1500 members of the GLNF disappeared at the stroke of a pen. The Brethren of Val de Loire Province continue to labour, continue to recruit, continue to initiate. And they are still 100% behind Thierry’s courageous and defiant stance.


Thierry is in no condition to receive visits or take calls. But an encouraging word would do him loads of good. You can leave your comments here on LML in English or at link

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