Things are looking very black in Europe (& elsewhere) for Ephesse 1st

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Like a row of dominoes every day there are more countries joining the already lengthy list of those international Grand Lodges that have :


withdrawn the guarantees of amity      - Poland

suspended relations or recognition      - Belgium
                                                      - Luxembourg
                                                      - Switzerland
                                                      - United Grand Lodges of Germany – 5 GLs
                                                      - Austria
                                                      - Italy (the GL of Italy, recognised by the UGLE but not by the GLNF

                                                             - UGLE

                                                           - Ireland   

                                                           - Scotland

                                                           - Denmark

                                                           - Norway

                                                           - Sweden

                                                           - Czech Republic

                                                           - Bulgaria

                                                           - Turkey

                                                           - Massachussets

                                                           - Minnesota

                                                           - Iowa

                                                           - Nova Scotia (Canada)

                                                           - Dominican Republic

We also have unconfirmed information that Finland could be added to the list.


The map paints a very black picture in Europe (plus Turkey) for Ephesse 1st and his fawnicators.


europe glnf suspendue ou non-reconnue

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