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This is from me personally to you personally, so, twice personal, dear Brethren!
You're over there and I'm back here, but the communication works and that is good to know .
Just a word to thank you for your lenience and understanding when we make slips in the translating and/or spelling mistakes and so on. It is important to get translations done quickly, although our artisitc temperament would prefer to have more time to polish them more.I am sure I speak on behalf of Winnie, Ymlaen and other contributors in saying this.
I would also like to use my own name (although that is not a mystery to many of you). But only two days ago, we have had evidence of an attempt to discover our identities via an invitation to join Myosotis Face Book. Entirely spurious, of course.
The enemy (yes, sadly, they are the enemy!. So were Cain and Able, the two very first brothers!!!) will not leave us in peace and so we must not leave them in peace.
It is most important that you, by your presence, if you can possibly make it, should  attend the Gathering at Montreuil, Paris, next Saturday, to deliberate on the Re-Founding of poor old GLNF.
Sincerely and fraternally

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