Turkey turns off de Light !!!

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On June 16th LML in English reported that the Grand Lodge of Turkey had suspended relations with the GLNF. It has taken almost a month to obtain a copy of the original letter link (click on "joint copie de la lettre originale)sent to François Stifani on May 23rd. Thanks to César at the Bar de La Marine on Myositis PACA who got hold of it and had it translated into French. Which LML in English has now translated into English.


It is important to note that the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Turkey continues to recognise the Brethren of the GLNF but not the management team. This distinction is a first from a Grand Lodge and hopefully not the last.


May 23rd, 2011-07-09


My Dear Brethren,


The Grande Loge Nationale Française which represents regular freemasonry on the French territory has been confronted for almost two years with a major management crisis. Considering that this crisis has reached dimensions prejudicial to masonry on a world scale, the Grand Masters of the Grand Lodges of Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium made it known in a declaration published on May 18th, 2011 that they had agreed to suspend their recognition of the GLNF in an attempt to keep themselves at a distance from the events concerning that Grand Lodge.


Since the very beginning the Grand Lodge of Turkey has followed closely the crisis of the GLNF. Having studied this, the fundamental principle that we have adopted is that in masonry the management is merely transitory whereas the fraternity is for all time. As for fraternity, we must be even closer in difficult times. Consequently, our decision with regard to the Brethren who meet within the GLNF is to distance ourselves gradually from the management of this Grand Lodge and to forbid it to our Brethren, be it even for only one.


In conclusion, I declare that I clearly reject the spirit of the masonic management that led to this crisis within the GLNF, but that the doors of the 217 Lodges of our Obedience and the hearts of its 14631 Brethren remain open to the Brethren of that Obedience.


With my love and my fraternal respect.


Remzi Sanver

Grand Master

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echelle de Jacob 07/10/2011 11:07

Thank youv for this valuable information. This is exactly what we are expecting: regular grand lodge accepting brethen from GLNF. If we have similar attitud near to France, we will be in position
to go and work there, and leave the current GLNF with this stupid situation.

Winnie 07/10/2011 14:49

Dear Brother,

Turkey is wonderful country to visit, the people ar so friendly and now you can even go to a Lodge meeting. heaven on Earth !!! I know where I'm planning my
next holiday.