Two legal events

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Two legal events connected with the present situation that has figured in French on several blogs:  


1.    The “spiritual guide” is out to intimidate.


Over the past few days, a number of  Myosotis blog organizers have been identified and have received  blue paper letters stamped by several court bailiffs (“huissiers”), sent by Messrs François Stifani, barrister, and Jean-Charles Foellner, retired, both regular readers of the blogs, (who pay their legal advisers from GLNF funds?).

The subject of the letter is a complaint concerning an article considered libellous by the two above mentioned.

Their case will be given a first hearing at the Tribunal Correctionnel de Paris (Magistrates’ Court of Paris) at its sitting of March 7th at


It is normal for any citizen to be able to obtain redress for libel judged as such, but the context of this case may be considered surprising.

At this, the very moment when the “spiritual guide” is negotiating with the Myosotis Dauphiné-Savoie blog-writer, eye to eye, and offering to halt all legal action under way, he diligently takes out new court cases.

The man’s sincerity and promises are left to the appreciation of each and all of us, as is the contempt the two aforementioned display for the preamble to the 2009 version of the Statutes (Constitutions).

This state: “members shall under no pretext reveal the Masonic quality of another, on pain of exclusion, each member however being free to reveal his own membership of Masonry”.

Nonetheless, the summonses issued by the previously cited “masons” happily set out the details of the Masonic careers of the several bloggers: dates of initiation, lodge and/or joining membership details, Grand Lodge  registration numbers.

François Stifani and Jean-Charles Foellner will no doubt be convening the National Disciplinary Board to demand immediate exclusion of Stifani François and Foellner Jean-Charles, held guilty of one of the most serious breaches of Masonic ethics a mason can commit.

But for that to take place, the National Disciplinary Board is going to have to wait until it has a president, of which the departure of Jean-Claude T…. has deprived it.


2.    An ORDER TO COMPLY (“mise en demeure”) with the Paris Court judgment has been issued to Mr Stifani by the Court Bailiff at the request of 14 named brothers.

This procedure recalls that the Court decided that:

It is the responsibility of the President of the Association (GLNF) to convene without delay the General Assembly of the GLNF and to include on the agenda:

-         To approve accounts closed on August 31st 2009

-         To approve the budget for financial year September 1st 2010 to August 31st 2011

-         To revoke the President of the Association, Mr Stifani, and the appointed members of the Board of Administration.

And that the above judgment, notified this day, requires immediate execution. *****


The ORDER TO COMPLY concludes with the remark:

In the case of failure to implement the present ORDER, the plaintiffs will require full legal consequences to be applied.

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Comment on this post

big ben 01/19/2011 20:54

Another trick to delay the Assemblée Générale of GLNF. As the Court refuses a director to manage this election at the place of the President François Stifani, tomorrow he will meet somebody to
manage this election. has just

One more trick, he has just asked to another Court to pronounce that GLNF is not concerned by Assemblée Generale.

For years there was a kind of gentleman-agreement about nomination of GM of GLNF. He was presented by the last GM and elected by Provincial GM , remind that a Provincial GM can be dismiss instantly
by GM, and you understand why they vote for the candidate presented by the last GM.

But, this way to do, never contested for decades since 1913, is not settled by the law, it's a personnal affair between few persons.

Legal mean of suppport is Conseil d'Administration, elected by WM et Senior Warden as foreseen ins statuts.

So this vote is determinant and François Stifani cannot ignore that.

It's really a pity to see a GM of such a GL to beheave like that: no dignity, no highness.