ULRF creates a new Obedience !!!

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At today’s National Convention of the ULRF 200 elected delegates representing GLNF Lodges from every Province in France met at Neuilly Bineau. Their principle desire  was to find a common solution suitable to the vast majority. Rapidly things took shape, particularly following a presentation of the state of the situation by the Opposition Pilot Committee chairman, Alain JUILLET.


The first and most important decision, arising from the common feeling that the Brethren have had enough and are sick and tired of waiting, was the creation of a new Obedience.


The main objective of this decision is to enable all Brethren and Lodges which have suffered a sanction, suspension, exclusion, striking off, forbidden to meet and labour, return of their Warrant, etc, etc to rejoin a structure where they will be able to labour according to the rules of Traditional Freemasonry in the company of Brethren and Lodges not yet sanctioned but desiring to adhere to these founding documents and principles.


This is a CONSERVATORY measure !


This structure will be established as a conservatory body, having the vocation to dissolve back into the GLNF if, once all current and future proceedings terminated, it is possible to re-establish the GLNF on new, sound bases with a totally new management elected according to equitable, democratic conditions totally respecting the Statutes.


The delegates stress that they wish to be rid of the unbalanced situation, the endless court proceedings, lawyer’s fees that could wipe out the national debt, exaggerated misinterpretations of judges’ rulings. RECREATION time is over. Now it’s time to  get on with RE-CREATION!!!


If, as has been the case for the past two years, legal proceedings and Stifani’s delaying tactics continue to drag on and prevent the beginning of an internal reform procedure, then the definitive character of this conservatory measure would become necessary.


How long will it take and when will it start ? Immediately and it will be in place in a few weeks. All afternoon the delegates will be working on the project in workshops.


We are giving you this information hot off the press because too much information has been withheld in the past. Obviously it is incomplete and will evolve.

And LML in English will keep you informed throughout the evening as the final discussions and decisions of the day come in. Many thanks to our Brother jean-Noël P…..elected delegate who has kept us informed since early this morning.


All of you who are heartily sick and tired of the legalistic pirouettes of the Pisan tyrant and his apparatchiks, all of you who were disgusted at the acts of theft and vandalism perpetrated this week at Puteaux, all of you who want to be able to hold your head high in the eyes of international Freemasonry, now is your time.


Go get that bottle of champagne that has been in the fridge for too bloody long !!! 


STOP PRESS : A working party has begun the task of creating the Statutes and By-Laws. A first draft should be ready within a month to 6 weeks.

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