ULRF National Convention, a few important details

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Brethren, if you get the impression that yesterday’s article announcing the creation of a new Obedience was inaccurate, I assure you that at the time of writing and posting (early afternoon) the information was precise. In the meantime it was decided by the delegates to withhold this information for the moment and to set a date depending upon next Saturday’s AGM vote.


In the long run it won’t change anything.


If Stifani wins on Saturday, the creation of a new Obedience will be set in motion immediately with a realisation objective of about 6 weeks. If Stifani loses (hope, hope, hope !!!), the “new Obedience” will occur within the GLNF, but with a totally new management and totally new Statutes, Constitutions and By-Laws.


And, no matter what the result the lawyers are going to get fatter and richer, because the losing side is sure to appeal. And we’re off on another round of  court appearances, delays (by Stifani and the Balloo – Pardo duo), appeals, etc, etc.


A few important details from yesterday’s Convention :


Firstly, a telling sentence from Opposition Pilot Committee chairman, Alain Juillet,

 “We’re going to win, we have won !”

 He is not someone who makes empty promises and his network of contacts means he is one of the best-informed people in all of France.


Alain Juillet continued with the confirmation that in the past François Stifani had the active support of the Elysée Palace but that time is well and truly over. Which could explain a seeming change of attitude of some of the judges.


Miss Monique persists with her determination to hold newt Saturday’s AGM.


She has asked François Stifani to step aside but he refuses.

There will be no Provinces in the new Obedience structure and the administration arm will be very short and far less greedy !


The ULRF Statutes will be modified so that it will become a union (in the social protection sense) to support and welcome all Brethren and Lodges who have suffered sanctions under the Stifani regime


A call to ALL delegates of every GLNF Lodge to attend next Saturday’s AGM (never mind if you’re suspended, struck off or on the “Black List”, be there !


A call for all delegates to vote “NO” to all motions on the published agenda of the AGM. 

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