ULRF versus Miss Monique : 0 – 0 !!!

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Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision was a draw. It merely served to keep up the suspense.


14 members of the ULRF, in the name of the association had sued Miss Monique for having called the exceptional contribution (equivalent to the annual dues) to the GLNF. The court completely brushed the ULRF claim aside stating that it had no business putting its nose into the internal affairs of another association. And the judges were right. If the 14 members had stated their claim as GLNF Association members the decision might have gone the other way. Bad analysis and strategy before going to court. In that aspect of the judgement it has cost the ULRF 5000 euros in compensation plus costs, a surprisingly large sum, particularly for an association which has no funds.


As you can imagine the Pisan Propaganda Ministry immediately trumpeted victory. Since it was their only victory in the past 2 years their cries of joy are understandable.


Unfortunately they didn’t read the entire court decision document. If they had their joy would have been shortlived. The judges have ruled that Miss Monique has no right to make provisional calls for dues and that they can only be called once the amount has been determined at the AGM (that she has fixed for February 4th).


The important corollary to this aspect of the decision is that each Lodge and each delegate whose 2009 – 2010 dues have been paid will be able to attend and vote at the AGM. Linking yesterday’s decision to last Friday’s appeals court decision (which confirmed that François Stifani resigned as GM when he tendered his resignation as association president on January 21st, 2011) means that all Lodges that have been suspended and all Brethren who have been suspended, excluded or struck off since that date are also eligible to participate at the AGM


The electoral college is effectively the same as for the last legitimately called AGM way back in March 2010.


But François Stifani, ably assisted by Miss Monique, has a few cards left up his sleeve. The administrator has already issued the summonses to the AGM (I didn’t get one) based upon a listing that Henry the Beancounter gave her. And no prizes for guessing what criteria he used for drawing it up ! The second card they’ll use will be the security at the entrance. On December 3rd we saw 20 coachloads of riot police, a large number of impressively large gorillas and carefully drawn up lists of those who were not to be admitted. No doubt there will be more of the same, or worse.


One final point concerning yesterday’s decision ; the judges did not give the slightest consideration to the demand that Miss Monique give the opposition access to the principal ledger of the GLNF association accounts. So we’re still totally in the dark about the amount of expenditure, its nature and the only figure we have for the cash reserves is 7.3 million euros with no evidence to support it.



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