"Unofficially" the UGLE puts the pressure on its members who are also members of the GLNF !!!

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There is nothing official in what I’m writing now and none of the Brethren I’ve spoken to are prepared to be quoted. But …

 A number of English Brethren, living in England, members of English Lodges, but also active members of the GLNF and of GLNF Lodges, have been contacted by their PGMs in England asking them to stop attending their Lodge meetings in France. These contacts are not isolated and they have come from several PGMs. We can only conclude that an official "unofficial decision" has been made fairly high up the UGLE ladder to begin to isolate the English Brethren of the GLNF. Is it the first tiny step to withdraw recognition of the GLNF ? I don’t know.

 We know that the Grand Lodge of the UGLE met yesterday in London. Very little information is forthcoming. However we can report that, and we quote a PGM who was present at the meeting, “the UGLE is gravely concerned about the situation with the Grande Loge Nationale  Française and, as such, Lodges in the United Kingdom can take French members as guests, but under no circumstances are any British Masons to attend Lodge meetings in France” !!!

 This would tend to confirm what we have suspected over the past week or so. Thank you, Mr Stifani, for putting us “up the proverbial creek without means of locomotion” !!!


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Arturusrex 06/10/2011 09:40

The attitude not of the UGLE, because it has made no pronouncements except to say that it "very concerned about the GLNF", but of its senior members who go around enciting brethren to ostracise the
GLNF under barely disguised threats, is deplorable. This sort of bullying is incompatible with masonry and fraternity. When the day comes for the UGLE to make a decision and a clear pronouncement,
then, of course, brethren will have to conform to that decision and will know how to do so in their own particular cases. But in the meantime, all those, probably several thousand, concerned by
dual membership, who have been sincerely trying to understand what their position is and to get clear answers, have received so far nothing than nasty threats and undisguised bullying from their
little big-chiefs. In a way, there are things in common betwezen the UGLE and the GLNF. All this is unofficial and will probably be denied. But it seems clear as of today that the Channel cuts a
chunk off our international masonic cake. Arturusrex

Tamino 06/10/2011 10:08

Perhaps someone should tell the decision makers at the UGLE that those who spend too much time sitting on the fence end up with the pickets up their
fundamental orifice !!!