URGENT – for all those suspended, excluded or struck off

Published on by Winnie

FMR intends taking action before the courts to force Maître Legrand to reinstate each Lodge and Brother who has been suspended, excluded or struck off since François Stifani resigned as President of the GLNF Association and, therefore, as Grand Master.


The case will be brought before the courts by FMR lawyer, Maître Francis TEITGEN. In order to facilitate the massive work load of the team of FMR jurists, mostly Brethren who are giving their time freely, you are asked to fill in the attached form link without omitting anything and send it accompanied by the ordinance to :



21 rue Caillaux

75013 Paris


Or by e-mail to : fmr@fr.oleane.com


Please give this your URGENT attention. If your Lodge is suspended, etc, it is essential that all the brethren take this step as under French law your Lodge has no legal identity.

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