Vigilance !!! Vigilance !!! Vigilance !!!

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Vigilance !!! Vigilance !!! Vigilance !!!


Since the publication yesterday morning of François Stifani’s true / false “almost but not quite” letter of resignation as Grand Master of the GLNF there has been a proliferation of comments on virtually all the Myosotis blogs crying “Victory !!!”


Re-read the letter !!!


Does the word “resignation” appear anywhere ? No !!!


In the letter he simply states that he will place his mandate in the hands of the Sovereign Grand Committee.


When is the next “scheduled” meeting of the SGC ? If we accept that François Stifani is in his right to call a meeting of the SGC (a more than debateable point !!!) the 400 or so members will next meet on June 27th, the first date possible after the handing down of the appeal judgement on June 24th.


Have you ever heard of the SGC contradicting François Stifani’s point of view ? Rarely, if ever !!! Don’t forget the SGC is composed of life members such as Big Moustache, Claude C and company. Since they put François Stifani where he is I find it highly unlikely that they will raise a finger against him. And the other members ? All appointed by François Stifani. For the answer to the obvious question refer to the answer to the one about Big Moustache, etc.


In a nutshell, do you have confidence in the SGC on this question ?  I certainly don’t !!!


Think about the date, June 27th. For virtually every Lodge in France it’s the end of the masonic year. Only a handful of Lodges meet in July or August. The rest are sunning their aprons far from home. In the meantime François Stifani has gained another 2 ½ months of benefits of the title of Grand Master whether he legally has the right to the title or not. In fact you can add 2 months at least to that to cover the July and august holiday period.


And like the good strategist or chess player that he is, François Stifani has made his next move suggesting that 4 of his closest fawnicators (I was tempted to say “henchmen”) take over the top positions supposing the SGC decides to terminate his mandate on June 27th.


François Stifani is as wily as a fox and he’s not going to hand over his big blue apron and all the baubles without a bloody tough fight. We are not out of the woods yet. François Stifani has not yet fired his last round. So, my Brethren :


Vigilance !!! Vigilance !!! Vigilance !!!

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