Wait & see !!!

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Wait & see !!!


Yesterday, Tuesday march 5th, the 2nd Paris Court of Appeal heard the appeal against the December 7th 2010 judgement. The appeal was lodged by the GLNF (originally by our EX-Grand Master who shot himself in the foot by resigning as President of the GLNF Association). As such he could no longer pilot the appeal.


While not being enthusiastic in her participation in this appeal Maître Monique Legrand, the court appointed ad hoc administrator, did not withdraw the GLNF appeal. However, in court she made her own feelings apparent by merely stating that she would let the court decide.


The GLNF lawyer, Balloo the Legal Bear, also representing François Stifani as Grand Master of the GLNF, then proceeded to put the court to sleep with a long winded presentation that went nowhere and closely resembled a Fellow Craft who has stepped off the guiding line and has lost his way. The President of the Court was obliged to arise from his slumbers on 2 occasions to call the Legal Bear back to order. 40 minutes of sleeping draft !!


Then it was the turn of Maître Pardo representing François Stifani as a voluntary member of the GLNF. 18 minutes. Nothing gained, nothing lost (other than 16 months of GLNF peace and tranquillity and hundreds and thousands , even millions of euros of GLNF cash reserves).


Followed a 4 minute intervention by Maître Bérard representing 14 Brethren from François Stifani’s own Lodge, Le Verbe” on the Riviera. He was the one who annulled the March 25th General Assembly. For that he will go down in the history of the GLNF as one of the arch-villains !!!


Finally the turn of Batonnier Teitgen representing the 14 Brethren from FMR – GLNF who annulled the October 16 multi-locality General Assembly with the December 7th court decision. 20 minutes of oratory as we saw at the Montreuil assizes.


Not having been in court yesterday I cannot hope to present a summary of the legal arguments.


The court proposed to render its judgement on September 9th. Batonnier Teitgen won some sort of victory by applying successfully for the decision to be brought forward, arguing that the brethren had been waiting for a general Assembly for over 12 months. The court followed his reasoning and will hand down its judgement on June 24th, a whole 2 ½ months away. While that means that the recipient of unsolicited correspondence from the Elysée Palace has won a 10 week reprieve he still has to find a way out of the corner he has painted himself into.


The 2 major risks are :


  1. The Brethren who decide they’ve had enough and resign. While their position is understandable I can only say, “If you have hung on this long, let’s go the rest of the way, at least until June 24th.” We have every hope that the appeal will be rejected on the date and we can genuinely begin the construction process. The road back is going to be long and we need you with us. Don’t stop now because that’s exactly what Stifani and his dwindling band of fawnicators want.


  1. June 24th being so close to the major holiday period François Stifani will surely argue that he cannot organise a meeting of the Sovereign Grand Committee before the beginning of September (which would obviously suit him right down to the ground!!!). With the installation of numerous Worshipful Masters in September you had better start thinking about a General Assembly in October.


The one hope is what position Maître legrand is likely to take over the next week or so concerning the fixing of a date for the General Assembly. That is one of the principal missions the court gave her on January 24th. Is there a way she can organise the GA prior to the appeal judgement ? I doubt it because there is always the off chance that the court will rule in Stifani’s favour, thereby validating the October 16th assembly results.


In the meantime, GLNF Brethren have been surprised to see an army of auditors (top shelf bean counters !!!) coming and going at the Pisan bunker. It would appear that Maître Legrand has asked them to verify all aspects of the GLNF cashflow AND an in-depth analysis of the accounts of all the satellite structures.


FMR reports that the March 18th report concerning the financial status of the GLNF Foundation was published without Maître Legrand’s authorisation.


Recently the  amount of official communication from the bunker would appear to be inversely proportional to the activity of the auditors. Are we finally getting close to the truth ??? Is this in part what Alain Juillet was alluding to in his suggested alternative to an “honourable way out” for Stifani ???



Wait & see !!!

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