We have the evidence….and we’ll use it

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The article that François Koch has just published on his blog is a clear picture of the collective madness that has overcome the administration board of the GLNF. And that’s not even mentioning its president whose real and supposed pathologies have been making the press headlines on an almost daily basis for some months.


We are talking about the frenetic and desperate judicial operations undertaken at our expense by lawyers who are running out of ideas. Having discovered the GLNF money tree these legal eagles put up the most preposterous operations to our spiritual guide terrified at the idea of having to step down from his gilded throne, and who laps up their latest serving; that is when it isn’t his glorious self who comes up with a new money down the drain idea.


So we had a board meeting that couldn’t even make a quorum. Phone booths are cheaper to rent than the board room on the 3rd floor of the bunker !! Beware, those of you who were discreetly absent, those of you who were looking at other horizons last Tuesday. If tomorrow you decided to add a tardy signature to the minutes in order to make the quorum, the minutes of a meeting that could well determine the fate of the GLNF, you will have to account to us and we will ensure that you are brought before those same courts you are getting to know so well, but this time on a penal charge.


By fiddling around, by undertaking actions that are merely dilatory, our spiritual guide and his fawnicators are dishonouring the GLNF and Freemasonry in general.


Get your act together, do what you’ve been ordered to do by the French courts, organise the Annual General Meeting.


Without the AGM, the annual fees can’t be called for, and that army of legal eagles you’ve hired, not the cheapest on the market place, you’ll have to pay them somehow. And what about the bank loan for the Wagram Palace ? You borrowed real money from a real bank, not monopoly notes. And that real bank wants its real money each and every month. Imagine the headlines in L’Express, le Point or Nice Matin, those journals that take a great interest in the doings on the 3rd floor, “GLNF defaults on its loans”.


You declare with bravado that you are confident that the miasmas are a minority, that they are not worthy of consideration and that you have no fear of being revoked.  What statistical evidence, market survey or questionnaire did you use to determine the diminutive size of the miasmic minority ?


By declaring that the mandates of president and Grand Master are distinct entities you prove that you have no intention whatsoever of leaving the stage with dignity. On this point the courts could not have been clearer. Tomorrow you will be required to execute their judgement, like it or not.


Soon, very soon we hope, the United Grand Lodge of England will officially position itself on the question of its recognition of the GLNF, the Lodge that you have disfigured and besmirched by your behaviour.


You persist in claiming that the letter you sent to Mr Sarkozy is a fake. Who cares ? We have copies of your declarations of friendship you have made on our unauthorised behalf to the powerful (or those who believe themselves to be), declarations that you have never denied, we have a copy of your ridiculous report on the wearing of the full Moslem veil, we have the actual cards you sent to ministerial advisors (they sent them on to us !!) and we know the identities of those in your unambiguous “phantom” cabinet.


Even without the “forged” letter to the French President you have been systematically transgressing the Landmarks and the rule in 12 points for a very long time. And we have the evidence. We will be only too pleased to send it to the UGLE.


While we are overjoyed that the UGLE is awake up to you, we are also deeply saddened that you have so successfully sullied the image of the GLNF that we love.


And we will say so with our votes at that assembly that you are so desperately trying to delay, that assembly where we will confront you, that assembly that the justice of our country has granted us.


On this point at least you can no longer mock us, justice and the courts.


And if you are so revolted at the idea of having to confront this mass of miasmas…….



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