Welcome back, René

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Welcome back, René




The cynicism of our self-proclaimed spiritual guide knows no bounds. Trapped in a corner of his own making he is prepared to try anything to retain his position, despite having resigned. François Stifani is the EX-Grand Master of the GLNF. He no longer has any status or title whatsoever within the GLNF (other than Past Grand Master). Like you and me he is just another Brother, until such time as he is called upon to answer for his heinous acts.


Despite all that he continues to produce ordinances. 99% of them go unread by a vast majority of the Worshipful Masters of the GLNF. But for once the tyrant on the 3rd floor has done something good. Ordinance N° 1355 dated January 31st 2011 reinstates our Brother René Hervet, member n° 14633 with full rights, privileges and grades.


For many years René Hervet has contributed greatly to the development of the GLNF, particularly on the other side of the world in the pacific region. He has been a regular contributor to Myosotis where the wisdom of his comments is appreciated by all.

Welcome back, René. Your exclusion from the GLNF and the sovereign Grand Committee in particular was the shameful act of a tyrant who will brook no opposition.


Some readers may wish to point out that since François Stifani’s resignation LML in English has repeatedly claimed that any document containing his signature carries no weight. Yes, we agree. But, in certain cases one has to be practical and realistic. René Hervet will once again take his rightful place on the Sovereign Grand Committee whose principal task is to designate the next Grand Master. René’s voice and vote will be one more nail in Stifani’s coffin.






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