What exactly is the GLNF today ?

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What exactly is the GLNF today ?


Translation of an article written by Tamino and published on Myosotis Ligérien on February 20th 2011. link 

What happened in Monaco this past weekend was a bit of a joke and a definite slap in the face for the guide who persists in believing that he is someone, but the whole show doesn’t mean much in our overall struggle.


With their habitual subtlety the English made the appropriate gesture to show that Stifani is persona non grata, but they accepted that J-C F……r represented the GLNF by occupying the position of Junior warden. The situation is complicated : on the one hand everyone understands that Stifani’s oversized ego has pushed the GLNF to the edge of the precipice and, on the other hand what is at stake far outweighs the very small person in question. The English will clearly not take a position that would put their authority (in their eyes) over the GLNF at risk. As one of the principal UGLE dignitaries told me unofficially, “Recognition only has value for those who attach importance to it.” And the UGLE likes to be considered;, that’s normal, that gives them standing in the greater picture, despite having become a stilted shadow of its former self over the years.


Recognition by the GLNF as a basis of regularity is partly a fantasy whereby we confuse Regularity with what is really only an historic residue, but which we formerly decided to inscribe into our principles. Why not, if it helps us structure our respect of the great fundamentals of Masonic Tradition. But let’s not deceive ourselves about the concept and what it hides. Behind all that lies an intense struggle for influence between the Anglo-Saxon Rites and the Jurisdictions; at least that is how our English friends reason. It is up to us to prove them wrong on this point.


At Montreuil it was clearly stated that ALL the Rites have a fundamental value in the handing down of our masonic principles. None prevails over another. They all occupy a central place in the particularly rich nature of our multi-Rite Obedience. And in no way should the obediential system have any goal or function other than to ensure the unity of this plurality and to work for their fulfilment.


But what have we experienced under the reign of the 3 wayward masons ? Less and less discretion, more and more aggression, the imposition of a faulty and commonplace mixture of doctrines via an Obedience that displays violently its authority while having lost all its traditional legitimacy.


The oft-heard statements such as “I am the ritual”, “spiritual guide” and all the antics of “Masonic” authoritarianism are reflections of this deviation that has led us to where we are today (the latest, but not the least being his pretence that he is still Grand Master despuite having resigned).


If the Jurisdictions felt obliged to express their anxiety and their rejection of an obediential power that has gone overboard, it is because the Regularity is at risk. And it is for the same reason that the normally discreet Obediences have spoken out against the Stifanatical excesses.


We had a laugh at what occurred in Monaco but that didn’t rid us of he who has been polluting the GLNF for far too long. Day after day the lawyers are cutting the puppet’s strings, the only one remaining being the one he spun himself by proclaiming himself to be the only resigned Grand Master who isn’t and yet still is, all at the same time. It shouldn’t be too long before the puppet falls apart completely.


Afterwards what amount of listening and brotherly conduct will be required to reconstruct or re-found what the Stifanatic and his mob have demolished in a few short years. These few years that will go down in history as the greatest crisis that the self interest of a few has stained the fabric of our Obedience. For we must return to the principal causes of the crisis. The whole affair smacks of money adorned with masonic pretexts to establish a power base of finance and influence, the upshot of which is the defilement of our values.


We don’t need the English to solve a problem that right from the start they haven’t really understood. Afterwards, when everything has been cleaned up they will tell us how concerned they have been throughout our difficulties         and everyone will be happy.


Remain aware, free and creative. It is OUR STRUGGLE, we are winning the battle and tomorrow we will re-found the GLNF.

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