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 If the GLNF is no longer recognized, what is our situation as brothers, in the Jurisdictions?

LML in English has received the following communication from Philippe Thomas,

Chairman of the World Conference of Jurisdictions of the Moderns Rite,

Former Supreme Commander of the French, or Moderns Rite.              Tr Arturusrex 

Assume ones responsibilities to maintain ones regularity as a Brother.


The World Conference of the Jurisdictions of the Moderns Rite, held on May 22nd 2011 at Tours, was the opportunity for the Jurisdictions of the Higher Orders (“Orders of Wisdom”) from the respective countries in attendance, to confirm that their points of view all tended in the same direction.

It was equally the occasion to recall the principle of non-interference by the Jurisdictions in the affairs of the Craft and its administration, and the none the less absolute and still to be confirmed principle of the reciprocal courtesy, in strict application of the Act of Union of 1813 and the Twelve Point Rule, which are at the base of regular Free masonry. All those who, wherever their horizons lie, toil to maintain Regularity throughout the world, especially by standing by the Rules, were fraternally thanked for their work.

At several moments during the meeting, worries were expressed by brethren and also by the Jurisdictions in respect of a recent missive suspending the Heads of the Jurisdictions and other Communiqués from Grand Lodges who now cease or intend to cease recognizing the GLNF. (Letter of May 18th, gathering on May 7th at Katyn, Estonia…) and the question of the regularity of the GLNF if the UGLE withdraws its recognition in September 2011.Jurisdictions of the Orders of Wisdom of the Moderns(or French)  Rite only receive candidates from regular Grand Lodges. The loss of regularity of one of them will cause many problems. How can the regularity of the brethren be upheld if their recognition is lost?

At the present moment, the international agreement between Grand Lodges signed in 2003 is that a brother must obtain the assent of his Grand Master before joining a lodge of another country. Obviously, if mutual recognition is lost, then this rule will no longer apply. GLNF members will therefore be able to turn to other regular Obediences in amity, if the internal situation of the GLNF continues to decline to the point that UGLE recognizance is lost.

Naturally, this measure will not be the only one taken to maintain regularity of the masonry practised in our country. “Just say something to give us hope” commented one brother. In the climate generated by the difficulties though which we are living at the present, hope lies simply in mutual sympathy from other craft jurisdictions being extended to our brothers. We can also rely on mutual support from the other French jurisdictions. Fraternity is within the country and also, strongly so, beyond our national boundaries.

Philippe Thomas, President of the world Conference of Jurisdictions of the Modern Rite


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