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Review of some of  the French speaking blogs over the  past few days, summarized, commented and translated by Arturusrex


Opposition to François Stifani is taking on a new approach, although the difference may escape the skim-reader.

Lodges, under the leadership and signature of their WMs are writing to the judicial Administrator, Mé. Legrand, signifying their adhesion to the GLNF.

To understand the importance of this act, it has to be read as an allegiance to the GLNF as it was under the Constitutions of the pre Charbonniaud-Foellner-Stifani régime. These ex GMs subtly and relentlessly modified the Constitutions over the years to make of them the draconian system which paralyses us at the moment and which are debatably incompatible with the laws of the Republic and with masonc tradition.

In writing a standardized letter to Mé Legrand, the WMs point out that they adhere fully to the GLNF under her management. But that they totally reject François Stifani as its President and/or Grand Master. They further point out that as they are blocked administratively, the WMs will continue in office under the traditional terms of Obligation to which they swore themselves and their lodges will continue to function along those same lines,  at least until the administrative situation is resolved, via a General Assembly to be held obligatorily.

The original letter in French is available link

The letter has been signed by the WMs of many lodges, including the 17 Lodges of Roussillon-Cerdagne Province.

An interesting case is that of L’Anglaise Lodge of Bordeaux, number 204 on today’s register, but in fact, number 2 in the history of the GLNF. It helped the nascent GLNF of 1913 obtain recognition from the UGLE, In the early days, it agreed on working in the Rectified Rite, but subsequently changed its working to the A&ASR.

So, dear Brethren, as you see, the skullduggery of the present gang of hierarchs has not quite killed off the Masonic spirit or the ever-renascent Phœnix of true masonry among us.


Many other articles and commentaries reflect dubitatively on the sincerity of the PGMs now changing sides at the 25th hour in order manifestly to hang on to their positions, and the sudden show of enthusiasm for the revolution from previously anonymous shy pansies now openly signing with their names letters of confidence in these same new converts. It is clear that many of these people are only interested in personalities, influence and possible power under them. Many comments on the blogs state that what is need to be a mason is not power, influence or personalities, but belief in the basic tenets of masonry.

An almost unspoken idea (but loudly hinted at) is the fate of the defenders of the dying régime in the future organization and Constitution. Obviously, masons do not prone a purge. But if the un-loved come back in dribs or in droves into lodges where they will no longer have a dark-blue apron or any prerogatives beyond those of the simple master mason, as is what will probably be their fate so to do, they may well be tempted to recreate a rival set of lodges in which they will once again be the power-hungry (and perhaps sated) proponents of the stifanian-foellerian-style  pseudo-masonry which is about to die.

Wait and see. Arturusrex; 



On notera aussi la prise de position de la Loge L'Anglaise. La Respectable Loge "L’Anglaise 204", l’une des plus anciennes Loges d’Europe, doyenne des Loges de France, a contribué en 1913, avec la Loge "Le Centre des Amis", à la fondation de l’Obédience dénommée aujourd’hui "G.L.N.F.", ainsi qu’à la reconnaissance de sa Régularité par la Grande Loge Unie d’Angleterre.

Elle déplore aujourd’hui le désordre, la confusion et l’opacité qui caractérisent désormais le fonctionnement de la "G.L.N.F." et qui expliquent la situation conflictuelle qui en découle.

Cette Loge historique a adopté plusieurs positions et résolutions. Elle a notamment décidé de poursuivre désormais son activité maçonnique dans le cadre de la "G.L.N.F." sous la seule autorité administrative de Maître Legrand selon la mission qui lui a été confiée par les Tribunaux civils , considérant que le Grand Maître et les Grands Officiers administrateurs étaient démissionnaires.
Neuilly Bineau. 

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