What sort of candidate for Grand Master ?

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What sort of candidate for Grand Master ?


Inspired by an article, "Un candidat, c'est quoi ?" posted by Tamino on Myosotis Ligérien

Various Myosotis blogs report the manoeuvrings of certain of our Brethren in the initial jostling for the big seat with the biggest blue and gold apron with the most trimmings and the most “fringe benefits”. We read of meetings, Brothers who are criss-crossing the country like politicians trying to rally the troops to their cause, phone calls and messages attempting to convince that Brother “X” is best suited for the top job.


For over 15 months the FMR-Myosotis team has worked in the closest harmony and respect with a single object in view, the total reform of the GLNF, the rewriting of the statutes and by-laws to ensure that we will never again be confronted with the legal farce and hold-up that our self-appointed spiritual guide and his group of fawnicators have foisted upon us.


Right from the beginning of the struggle in December 2009 it was clearly stated that the project of reform would be a team effort, the result of work shared over the period necessary to oust the bandits from the third floor of the Pisan bunker.


The obvious solution is to find someone who is prepared to accept the weighty task of leading the reform, someone prepared to “serve” without any other object in mind. Those whose first thought is “power” can tear up their draft speeches and sack their speech writer. Those who are or have been close to François Stifani, those who have only just recently seen the light, those who have stood in line for the the flashy aprons and baubles, those who persist in wearing these same aprons in regular Lodge meetings, you can step aside. We have had enough of your sort.


The vast mass of the Brethren want to get back to masoning, to the real spiritual labour that brought us to knock at the door of the Lodge in the first place. We are heartily sick and tired of the waste of time in Lodge with the reading of endless ordinances from Pisan or the Provinces. They have nothing to do with true Freemasonry.


The Brother who will be responsible for putting the GLNF back on the rails will be making a major personal sacrifice in the service of his fellow Brethren. Personal sacrifice is certainly not the by-word of those on the third floor as they rush out the door to catch yet another first class flight for a weekend on a tropical paradise at our expense.


Rumours are circulating that the honeymoon is over between the Honorary Consul General for Djibouti in Marseilles and Miss Monique. But we are not convinced. Despite almost daily meetings with the FMR-Myosotis lawyers, she is still under the influence of Henry the Beancounter, she has not withdrawn her demand that we all pay an “exceptional contribution” before tomorrow, March 31st. If not, she has threatened to strike us off the GLNF books, an impossibility if she took the time to read the rules of the game. And Miss Monique has yet to comment on the real state of the books. Remember, “No AGM, no fees !!!”


What makes an ideal candidate ?


Obviously in the eyes of FMR-Myosotis he must stand for the reforms we want to put in place. He must be there to serve the Brethren, and not pose as some sort of heir to a confusion of tradition and conservatism, not wanting to modify or reform the statutes and by-laws which currently place excessive power in the hands of the Grand Master and his clique.


He must have no personal ambition and, therefore, must undertake to occupy the post only as long as is necessary to institute the reforms that the GLNF so needs. Some suggest one year only. I am not convinced that all can be done in such a short time. Why not an initial term of one year, renewable once only if found necessary ?


He must have an open mind and be prepared to put this openness into practice by bringing together rather than dividing. It will be a huge job bringing back together what the Stifanatic has thrown aside. He must be lucid, courageous and fraternal.


We at FMR-Myosotis, we listen, we discuss, we meet with those who have already openly declared their candidature and with those who suggest they might …


We hold great hopes for a probable victory at the court of appeal (bearing in mind the courts have already declared in our favour; only François Stifani has something to gain; we can only have our position confirmed OR lose). We are under no illusions that our self-proclaimed spiritual guide will make some last-ditch attempt to retain the keys to the third floor. Nonetheless, we are sure that a Brother with all the qualities necessary to lead the reconstruction of the GLNF can be found among the 43000 of you.


We don’t ask him to walk on water without wetting his feet; just to be honest, open, discreet and courageous. When that Brother comes forward we will give him our support.



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maitre de roxanne 03/30/2011 21:23

Two points:

I suggest the next Grand Master, and indeed his successors, wear a pure white lambskin apron with no adornments. I understand this happens in some other regular Grand Lodges.

I think it very important that the next Grand Master be a Brother who DOES NOT WANT THE TASK, and needs to be convinced by his supporters that the GLNF needs him in that role. ANY "Brother" who is
seeking to become the next Grand Master is, for me, a most unsuitable candidate.

(note to blog administrators, to be deleted if you post the above as a "comment": You may like to post the above as an article, rather than a comment.)

Winnie 03/31/2011 09:35

My Brother Maître de Roxanne,

I like your idea of a pure white apron for the future GM. While there are no rules on the length of an article I'd be delighted if you expanded the ideas of
your "planche" a little; It will be a pleasure to publish it. And with a pseudo like "Maître de roxanne" you can take a bit of inspiration from Edmond de rostand and write it in french as well;
That way we can post it on the other myosotis blogs.