Where is the money coming from ?

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Where is the money coming from ?


Unfortunately we know where it’s going !!


Published by Sirius Black on Myosotis Maine Atlantique on February 21st 2011 link 

A little over a week ago the GLNF sent a delegation of 4 brothers (travelling 1st class, obviously,….not like us, down the back in cattle class) to Reunion Island for the inauguration of a new temple, the so-called Grand Master leading the way. We have already raised the question of the high cost of this uncalled for voyage because we are requested to function frugally (perhaps I have misunderstood because our fees are called under the pretext that cash is needed whereas the Financial Director Henry S….y announce a cash reserve of 8 million euros at the end of January…Who’s telling the truth….and who’s not ???)


We have already pointed out that the GLNF legal eagle, Maître Baloup (or should that read “Balloo the legal Bear” ?)was one of the group (Why do you need a lawyer to inaugurate a temple ? Only a self-proclaimes spiritual guide is capable of answering that one !!) He has already indicated that he paid for his own air ticket… OK, but when you have an inkling of what his fees are for the GLNF you are allowed to think that if you follow the money trail upstream by whatever route you take you come to the conclusion that our fees were indirectly used to finance his weekend in the sun.  Enough  said !!


Was this trip absolutely necessary ? Certainly not !!!! Did the brethren on Reunion island want them to come. You’ll find the answer to that one on the Myosotis Réunionnais blog !! Did it constitute a material or moral “plus” in the GLNF interest ? Rather the opposite, since the end result was a salvo of “suspensions” of local WMs and Brs. Do either the motive or the result justify the expense ? What is Maître Legrand’s opinion ????


Last weekend was thricetimes worse. The GLNF was spreading our money around on 3 fronts :


  1. Guadeloupe : travel by the AGM Philippe T……l accompanied by the AGS Jean-Michel B….p (the travelling legal eagle / bear !!) to consecrate a Lodge and install a new PGM to replace the PGM who was “resigned” for lack of motivation.


Was this trip absolutely necessary ? Certainly not !! The consecration of the Lodge could wait 2 months (after the AGM) and the DPGM could “handle current affairs” (that’s why he’s DPGM !!). And what sense is there in the nomination of a PGM by a resigning GM ? Just that it enabled Stifani to place one of his “faithful flunkeys” and……….. to thank the resigned PGM for having done so without making too much noise, you won’t believe what the GLNF Ministry for Bright ideas came up with : an e-mail was sent to all the Lodges of Guadeloupe / St Martin Province to collect a “kitty” to be given to the exiting PGM…. a sort of gilded blue apron cum parachute !!


I quote : “Each WM is charged with the gathering of this exceptional fund from the brethren of his Lodge.”….. and it was marked “URGENT” !!


Allow me to suggest an initiative : Myosotis Maine Atlantique  opens a subscription to thank the PGM Jean-Michel H……t appropriately on the occasion of his future resignation§ You guys, let’s see if you have the courage of your convictions and the “nuggets” to go with it !!


  1. Monaco


I hope that the Past GM Jean-Charles F……r hasn’t submitted a claim for travel expenses, he lives just up the road !! On the other hand, their was restaurant expenditure because at the EX-GM’s initiative Big Moustache invited the UGLE to lunch


  1. Italy


A trip by the resigned EX-Grand Master who still thinks he’s it when it suits him.


And here, I’m going to have some fun !! Following a previous article “Noir, Impair et Manque” the first commentary was the singular “LIARS” making believe that Stifani’s presence was “desired and requested” in Monaco…. But that he “preferred” to represent the GLNF in Italy….and that were liars, scandalmongers and deceitful (they forgot “miasmas” for once)…. But as they say,  “If the shoe fits, wear it “.


Stifani certainly was in Italy…….. since the GLNF announced that the “GM will be on an official trip in Italy for an important Masonic ceremony celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Italian Unification”.


In Italy there is ONLY ONE “REGULAR” Grand Lodge “RECOGNISED” by the UGLE and the GLNF : la Gran Loggia Regolare d’Italia !! Have a look at its site under “International Masonic News & Events in Italy” where you will find all the ceremonies scheduled for January, February and march, both national and international and ….there was NOTHING this past weekend. François Stifani’s “important Masonic ceremony is nowhere on the site !!


With a little investigation a regular reader of Myosotis discovered that last weekend the Grande Oriente d’Italia, a  Lodge NOT RECOGNISED by the UGLE, held a celebration in Florence to celebrate the Italian Unification. The scheduled event was announced in the Corriere fiorentino, La Stampa and La Repubblica. We are obliged to think that our self-proclaimed spiritual guide has been a naughty boy, visiting people he should not “recognise”. We’ve known Brothers to be struck off by ordinance from our for such acts !!! Could it be that the EX-(having self resigned) Grand Master who still thinks he is, but isn't has once again transgressed the Landmarks ? LML in English would be pleased to have the UGLE opinion on that.


Maybe we are wrong. Maybe he was just visiting family. He was born in the south of Italy, that part where they teach you to swim with concrete boots !!! Whatever the truth, NO-ONE has come up with an explanation that justifies his travelling expenses being covered by the fees of Brethren of the GLNF.


Thank you, Maître Legrand for the vigilance with which you will no doubt verify these expenses, the amounts will not necessarily be welcome news to the Brethren who finance them. In just a week that must represent the total fees of a large number of Brothers that have been swallowed up in 1st class travel, restaurant, banquet, hotel and other expenses, fees that were rejected by a majority of eligible voters at the AGM of March 25th 2010.


The money being spent currently is the money of the GLNF Association (1901 Law) isn’t it ???


In conclusion, for those who doubt the fact that François Stifani wasn’t welcome in Monaco, let me remind you that our self-proclaimed spiritual guide dearly wanted to be THE Godfather of the Monaco GL. Initially Prince Albert was opposed to a “dominant” role of the

GLNF in this affair, then, after consulting with the UGLE Grand master, the Duke of Kent, he expressed the wish that he did not want the GM of the GLNF to be present, that another dignitary of the Lodge would suffice (no-one wanted to be seen next to our “media star” in the official photos).


Finally, you all know the tastes of our EX !! Do you really believe that, given the choice between the pomp and circumstance of Monaco with the international masonic “people” and some obscure provincial Italian function, that doesn’t get a mention in international Masonic recognition, do you really believe he would have opted for “Gnocchi & Pizza” over “Champagne and Caviar” ??? At the same time we express our afgfection for all our Italian brothers whose sense of humour is legendary and who will certainly appreciate the irony of the situation !!  


Sirius Black





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